Welcome Dear! I'm Julia. I am here on a lifetime journey of experimenting and investigating. Driven by the desire for both physical/material and esoteric/spiritual understandings. My ancestors were people of both nature and science, so am I, exploring these polarities in depth, being both a Human Design analyst, a dedicated yogi, a mindful herbalist and lover of natural living & healing methods.

My passion lies in sharing with others the knowledge of Human Design, a system that recognizes and explains in detail our personal uniqueness, original wisdom, gifts and shadows, and the most skillful way of living according to those.

The deeply personal and experiential nature of my work creates meaningful transformational processes for my clients and students, and directs their life into the personally unique path that is so connected to Inner True Self. I dedicate my life work to continuously sharing, creating, teaching and learning through multiple channels and expressions. I am holding a Living Your Design Guide and an Analyst Certificates, I teach the system in the Ministry of Education (in Israel), organize worldwide Human Design events, and still continuing my educational journey with International Human Design School.

Mentors from Slavic, Hindu and Western traditions stand amongst my muses, teachers and guides. I am holding a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 certification, and casually offer classes. And I create body care beauties, when the flow of life allows natural fresh organic ingredients.

This website is an evolution of me, as it's been created nearly a decade ago. Since then has been transforming. From living in rustic nature (find in Projects), I transitioned into few years of living in a suitcase, and finally basing in Slovakia. If you are here to check out my Human Design offerings, you are welcome to travel HERE to get a detailed descriptions of the Readings I am offering.


... The Way of Self Mastery ...

Adama BOX


Adama BOX





The greatest joy of Life is to be able to give and receive the same mindfulness message through different forms. Living, researching, teaching and creating made me holistically focus on several topics: Aware Natural Living, Conscious Nutrition, Essential Natural Hygiene and Practices of Self-Transformation.

These are the main topics I live and work with. Every day is a practice – both on a yoga mat and outside of it. Every Project is filled with the passion and desire to embody the frequency of purity, aware concentration, joy and flow of best possible forms and vibes.

"The Moment You Can Embrace Your Uniqueness

You Are Divine"

- Ra Uru Hu -

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