Healthy Body for Healthy Spirit Story

This event in Russian Culture Society was like a white bird in the flock of black ravens. The Society is about cultural events such as theater, musical evenings, poetry readings, all followed by drinking wine and beer and smoking lots of cigarettes.

I was invited to do this talk by a friend who is one of the activists there. She hoped the event was going to attract many people, but in the end we had less then twenty. Health is not so popular among those who love spending time with beer and cigarettes and talk about culture. Reality check!

Regardless of the situation, this workshop was a lot of fun. We shared our intentions – why those who came were actually there… what are we seeking from health… what health actually is?… Who needs it? How to start changing the approach to health, to change the state of the body, to bring new habits in life…

Perfect Health WorkShop

All these questions seem like a simple ordinary given truths, but in fact definitions that seem clear are usually the ones that need clarification and re-vision. So, we re-vised, re-checked and re-defined the basics of what human bodies and their healthy states are. We shared the gifts from several ancient and modern wisdom systems that deal with the human body, spirit, and their infinite possibilities. The WorkShop dealt, from a different angle, with the everyday habitual processes inside our bodies and around them.

Perfect Health WorkShop

People seemed to have lots of fun. There were many questions and we over-stayed more then an hour. In the end everyone left with a little different perspective and smiles on their faces. And how different exactly? Mmmmm, that remains a mystery even for myself 🙂

For More Moments from the WorkShop please go Here:

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