Making Soaps on the Roof – a Story of a WorkShop

The Soaps on the Roof was an Indigolia Club event created by Vita – an extraordinary multi talented woman, who, on top of her numerous talents, loves to gather people together and learn new things with them.

Soap WorkShop

So, here I am, with my magical lab-on-the-wheels suitcase, coming from the far away mountain straight to the center of the never stopping city. The WorkShop attracted lots of beautiful people, and it’s always great to share time with beauties! It was actually really surprising to have so many gorgeous girls, and even more surprising to have about 25% of boys!! Honestly, I didn’t expect that amount of stunning people could be interested in making soaps that night:)

So, we got together to witness the birth of true real soap made out of the most pure organic oils and butters. And we learned both theoretically and practically how to create the most nourishing and naturally delightful soaps from scratch. Few were taking notes, and few came to simply have fun and to mingle with each other.

Soap WorkShop

The interesting part was in the very end, when people had to choose the essential oils for their soaps – that is always my favorite moment of any soap workshop – because that is when it’s possible to see human psychology in action – but, I guess, that’s a topic for another blog post )))

Soap WorkShop

So, in the end of this fun night each participant took a good piece of absolutely natural soap aromatized and enriched with their uniquely selected natural favorite essential scent!! Some claimed they were going to keep it in a clothes closet and thus, make it live as long as possible!

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