Chocolate Blisses – Spontaneous Women Circle WorkShop Story

Can be anything better than having a home-based winter little cozy workshop on a rainy day? That workshop was a 100% girls gathering. I love when these flows happen spontaneously. Usually, when this happens, it brings a kind of a magic –not only we circle around the advertised topic, but also find space to empower each other in a space of femininity, security and openness. Something deeply magical happens when there are no men around…

Chocolate Blisses

So, we went into the deliciousness of chocolate taste, smells and textures. We talked about the history of the chocolate. Then I ‘sorted’ participants in a few little groups and handed out the recipes – each group had to prepare a different cacao-based creation.

Chocolate Blisses

There was lots of laughter, talking, and, of course, tasting. Girls prepared and shared multiple desserts based on healthy organic ingredients and their combinations. We learned about some ‘new’ little known (though tasty and super nutritious) foods.

Chocolate Blisses

What a friendly and spontaneous women circle has this was! So grateful to share this cozy evening with cacao and good company, and activate beautiful and high vibration delights for the body and soul!

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