Six Ayurvedic Tastes: Talking and Tasting Story

One of my favorite WorkShops ever! I love food and I love to enjoy food in conscious flow. Anything in this world, inside and outside,can be dualistically explored in two ways – by doing intuitively or by knowing what one is doing.


This is what 6 ayurvedic tastes workshop is about – learning the essences of tastes and applying this knowledge in everyday cooking and food consumption. Combining knowledge and intuition.


This one happened on the rooftop of Indigolia Club – a cozy gathering of Russian creative community in Israel. People were super open and curious – and of course happy to go to a class where they can eat great food and talk about it! The best was a couple that all the time talked about their open swinger relationship – that was kind of unusual in the context of this workshop (I am much more used to this in our tantric flows) – but they seemed very organic, specially when involving their kids and questions connected to food and children.


So, we researched the 6 basic tastes both practically, intellectually and energetically. We talked, meditated with different tastes and textures, connected to foods energetically and emotionally, explored the correlation between tastes and emotion and desires and more.


For many of the participants this process felt like re-learning tasting, diving into the meditative state of food consumption and re-discovering the deep meaning of it in everyday spiritual and practical levels. And I had lots of fun sharing the knowledge and visiting Tel Aviv again. Great Flow, Thank You!!!

For More Moments from the WorkShop please go Here:

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