Aromatherapy as the Way of Life – Story

I love smell, smelling and everything that has to do with scents and aromas. Sharing this love is bliss – and sharing this in the context of this workshop was more of a bliss than work. I didn’t expect that there were going to be so many people – over 30 came this night to learn about essential oils and to create their own unique perfume.


I started with sageing every participant and this created an atmosphere of sacredness and curiosity. It is always interesting how things that are everyday routine for me are something very special for the others. People asked many questions and very much enjoyed being saged.


After the introduction I shared the technology of creating essential oils, history and theory of making perfumes. One of the girls was sure she came to create perfumes like the ones they sell in duty free shops, and left, very upset to hear that we only use natural materials!… We went on, and everyone received a bottle with jojoba base oil. People were super excited about that last part – creating their own perfume. Never did I hear so much laughter and enthusiasm from doing these simple things – smelling oils and choosing the right ones.


When we are creating the essential perfumes, it’s important not to blend too many oils – usually 3-4 would be the optimal number. And its funny to observe how some people are wanting everything and at once – putting all there is in a little jar. Unfortunately, such ‘creations’ often find their place in garbage bags pretty soon… Abundance does not mean taking and using everything there is, sometimes just to appreciate and go on is already enough…


So, generally, that was a very dynamic and fun WorkShop. We explored our intellectual and emotional fields with scents and aromas, enjoyed the night, met lots of new people and came out with a bottle that will remind everyone of this event and bring joy to everyday, if only we do not forget to use it!



For More Moments from the WorkShop please go Here:

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  1. Irina

    This was a great night! Thank Julia very much – I learend many new things, came with pretty smelly perfume and met couple interesting people. When is next time?

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