The Journey Begins

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So, here is me, sitting in a tiny room somewhere in the middle of Istanbul, deciding to create this blog in order to mirror bits of my Life…

This is the moment. Everything that was meaningful, fulfilling and “real” went through the process of letting go. To let go. is it really so easy as it sounds? What does this really mean – am I letting something to move somewhere? Where is the notion of will, of decision, of the aware process of a free choice?…

Anyway, we are full of power and energy to move with the wind and rays of sun. And here we are. The longest day ever is far behind me.



Leaving my beautiful Dome behind, a have packed my bags and went full straight on. The moment I stood up from the final meditation and took my backpack and looked at the watch … 08:08. Best sign we could possibly get as a starting point.



Good bye my beautiful shower, my lovely magical spot. maybe we will see you very soon. maybe not. it does not really matter. but it makes it so cozy to know you exist …



So, this was the whole route in Tel Aviv, meeting the right people in right place, fully synchronized with all and everything. Thank you Universe. Thank you my private guardians. I do not know if it is possible to ask for a more caring creatures to take care of me. Just really really really thank you!! I am still not thinking to picture all and everything but here is some of the blinks into the moments of power.






And here I am, got into a small cozy room number 1313 somewhere in the middle of somewhere.




Broken and unrepaired heart. This is the truth for now. Truth of a simple human being.



Live Life Being Experiencing this incredible lifetime and aiming goals. Goals of Being a Pure Light. Goals of Being. Being. Be

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