Welcoming Riga

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Very simple and homy feeling of landing in Riga. Actually it feels home even before the landing, while skies are opening a puffy fluffy clound that are welcoming to the childhoods ААА ОБЛАКАААА … белогривые лошаадки 🙂



Last time when i was here in Riga, just for less then a day connection on the way to Minsk. Easily getting by bus to the old city, a cultural and geographical center. i found a cozy place to enjoy the first hours of landing and waiting for a friend to pick me up. I am among white European people and in the beginning it even feels strange. Long time away from european energies …As well as it is strange to listen to the conversations passing as clouds through my perceprions … words that separate in order to connect … and vise verse.

And a very logical point of destination. Cat energies are following me for the last several years and are getting more and more intense. During the last half a year or so, every time i visit someone there is a cat in the house or in the neighbour’s house coming to visit. Amazing symbolic totem that i am so greatful to discover again and again. The same soul in the different bodies that is reminding, taking care … that is just IS 🙂




The first local totally organic farmers product. My friend, who works in an office building tells a story of a farmer’s success in Latvia. After realizing that selling fruits and vegetables for minimal price to big shops and supermarkets does not let them any profit: Farmers are cooperating between each other – they are renting big trucks,packing them with all kinds of fresh yield and taking them directly to the consumer – parking near the huge office building. Huge line of a hungry for fresh food office workers are eliminating everything in a very short term. And EVERYONE IS HAPPY!! AMEN FOR COOPERATION.


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