Another Day of a Simple Riga Life – Exhibition to the Local Supermarket

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Just to begin with, i find myself in a beautiful new building home with huge all wall wooden framed windows, endless hot water in all tubs and all all green neighborhood. Good quiet morning + screaming cat :0 )



So, the first thing to do is investigating the local supermarket. Katja is taking me to a huge one. It is the best time to go there, because today is Ekadashi. If someone has forgot, Ekadashi is Vedic fasting day, that is happening every 11th and 26th moon days. According to the ancient tradition, these are the best, from anatomic and planetary rhythms days to let all the systems rest. So, today, i have decided to get only honey and lemons. it makes it a pretty easy process, but still many new cutie things to see and enjoy visually !!!



Here you can see that Latvian people are my people!! They have the whole shelves full of SAUNA stuff, even an Eucalyptus METELOCHKI <3



It seems they are very ecologically aware guys, it is also feels like that of a clean green streets, and also the fact that all the fireplace equipment that you can get in a simple little local supermarket … so sweet !!



And even though most of the land is green green forest, they HAVE WOOD JUST LIKE THIS IN SUPERMARKET!! I JUST LOVE IT !!




Ok, here is my very personal FETISH thing and it is this special kind of pupirishki cucumbers. I was waiting for this moment soooo long. But still, we will wait for tomorrow … mnjamjam …



i just was going to get a little jar of honey. I totally forgot to mention that Latvia it of the the honey-friendly countries I even visited. They got like 20 kinds of honey and many other bees products just like that. not some special yappi nature shop, but a simple little shop!! AAAAaaa what to choose?!????… !!



As you know my love for Birch – who tried my special Super Healing Birch Soap knows for sure that this tree is so dear to my heart. So, here they also use it as a decoration … mmm, interesting idea …




decoration of a really “my” corner – MORE honey and a natural soaps. In abundance over here!! Just to mention, that Latvia is a hugest handmade soap creating country in the whole x-USSR, and probably even in the whole Europe. So, i a m sure going to meet someone interesting in the field to exchange the knowledge and experience.


HONEY HONEY HONEY !!! I got it in a craziest abundance ever !! here they even got a special clay honey jars


… and a bunch of handmade soaps …




yellow watermelons, krizhovnik, beautiful squashes and LISICHKI!!!




… and when i exited the door of that exhibition center, a heavy rain welcomed me with its refreshing sound smell and this unique forgotten feeling. long long time … Thank you for this. I am wearing a small almost transparent t shirt, so i trapped myself in an illusion that maybe it will be finished soon … after waiting for like 20 minutes i have decided that there is a perfect chance to dance under the rain … let us go!!




… so, after dancing under the rain the most perfect thing to do is to jump in the hottest tub … oh this is the best present to give to the body. Body, i love you. Please enjoy the gift of civilization. You deserve it. I love you. I care about you. Very much !!



and my heart is still beating in pain. beautiful pain we created for ourselves. thank you for giving me a chance to feel this. i love you. i feel you. i do not miss you – you are inside me <3 <3 <3


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