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Here We Go – full power ready to Create and be a part of Creation of a beautiful time here in Latvia.  Synchronistically met a great spirit brother Girnar from a Nathi tribe. He is taking me straight from Riga to the Fest.
  Nathi is the most ancient tradition in India that combines Yoga and Tantra in the most beautiful and harmonic way. Not popularized enough, it is really interesting and worth being open more to the modern world of Yoga, because it brings a unique vibe to the whole picture as I see it.
and here we are – on the way to Gara Vasara
no need to say how beautiful the landscape is and how different it is from where i am coming right now. My  own nature is celebrating this outer piece of Another me in such a long forgotten form of beauty …
and the first thing that happens to me is this crazy raw salad that the chef is preparing specially for me just because they had onnly all cooked food in the kitchen and heard that I am 100% Raw. This huge salad was later shared with around ten people. What a pleasant start oho-o
After the salad i am shown into the room which is even a cooler surprise – see the wooden floors and everything … just perfect … total rest from a hippie life that i just left behind oho-ho !!
and this is the house from outside!! just a little paradise 🙂
ok, so we start the Festival with the Ganesha puja. Our brother Girnar is leading us into the prayer so much loved mantra of Ganesha and it already feels home sweet home
right after the puja we are meeting sweet brother from Israel, Shaham, that is happened to have a birthday today!! What a celebration my love it is a real present to be all together on the different part of the planet this moment of Here and Now !!!
Next morning i am taking a tour to see what is going on around. So, the first thing that catches my eyes in these eco garbage things made out of my favourite Birch Trees!! Oh how i am ready to hug every birch tree on my way it is just this feeling that is so so much coming from within. I love it! Yes!!
Something 🙂
The Dome of Pacha Mama that is also made 100% out of the Biiiiiiiiiirch!!
The House of the Sun. Later we will have a Woman Circle inside. One of the most sweet ones aha
and here i am finally after several days finding myself in the forest.
At home. I am. So grateful for the moment. How the soul can tell that in was missing a part. this part … i am so much much very very !!!
Scary Kali or the meeting of Super Something Souls
And here is the Best Work-Shop i enjoyed so far – it is Nicole, a conventional doctor from London who lives on raw and teaches her patients about a Real Values of what is Healthy food and Living, permaculture etc. Her site is please enjoy the beauty of Co-Creation!
And here is the women circle created by the Mama Sita cosmic sister Luana Luanita what a Blessing to meet you the Pearl of the Festival you are!!!
evenings time spending with Cosmic Brother Estas Tonne who actually is the reason why i am here at this Festival…
Interesting how things are getting evolved in this life … very interesting … and then another shamanic soul Kailash is joining
the dance of Life we dance …
as you know me like food. very like much me is 🙂 so next morning we start with gooseberries and smorodina berries what i was just dreaming of for years aha
and at some point a hedgehog is passing by my way
so here at the fest i am meeting Anechka the great artist of so many talents and dimensions that i hardly can know where to start  … here we are witnessing the bird dance with the accompaniment of Kailash and Pepe Danza
and here i am again … picking wild berries in the wood is an orgasmic gastronomical natural trip i wish for every living soul to feel and experience in the depth of the heart and body
like these moments of sharing this life together all beautiful endless creature each and every one of you
and the sacred space of our Work Shop with Kerl. We are teaching a 7-day seminar that every day is focused on a specific chakra and touches the topics of health, healing and aware living with practical knowledge and exercisers, visions and ideas
I am taking a picture in the end of the class that has been on 25th – the Day Out of Time that we shared a special Rainbow Bridge Meditation
the same very night we are witnessing a lifetime event of the concert of the Estas that brought up so many emotions, Healing powers, creative flows and just … the feeling of the Source playing multilayered All in Everyone so deeply that you just gotta listen and be there in order to feel and share that space Created!
Follow the Spirit !! Follow the Truth !!!
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