GaraVasara. Closing the Circle …

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After so many precious moments I find time to sit in peace and write to you, my new dear friend bloggy blog 🙂 yes, the reason why I left Israel so far, changed so many things around a life story – the Spirit Festival of GaraVasara is finished … And here I am to Thank and to Bless this whole process as we experienced it.
The Festival was a real job. Full time job. For both us, facilitators, and the guests. Each one came out with much more then expected. Deep processes and lessons we shared between each other, with many synchronicities, surprises and, and, and …
So, first of all, for sure, big Thanks Giving to Juris and Bhavani for being at the cove of whats happening. It is amazing to observe your shanti approach, how smooth and light all the organization moments where … i wish all Israeli colleges took some workshops on the topic 🙂
And Thanks to Kerl for all the collaboration and creation of our workshop that was a 7-day chakra classified journey that touched multiple topics all focused on Healing and Healthy Aware Living. As a Healer and a Medicine Women we talked about how to take care of oneself, Body, Mind and Spirit, as one and as a separate. From anatomy to upper astral level, every day we went up with every chakra, finally reaching the point of Union of All. It was amazing resonance among the guests and is very inspiring to create similar events in the futures.
Our Master Class was really intensive, several hours every day a lecture with practices. And then we had individual sessions. So, there was a little, if not at all, time to go to the other events. Which is pretty sad personally for me, because it was my first experience in such kind of a festival and I hardly even been to whatsoever classes or trainings. So, there was one, that I had luck to visit because it started late at night and continued all night long. That was a Gong Night.
Gongs are a discovery personally for me, because i never heard such sound before. It gives a total understanding of what is to be inside the Sound itself. Combined with many many more instruments, exotic and not only, they created the atmosphere of another dimension that is both healing, revealing and just … well, how possible I can describe sounds in words?!.. The session was held by Alicija and Richard Eiliakas that I had luck to meet in the following days, and it even happened that we have friends in common of the other side of our Small Tiny Planet. Thank you dear ones for the deep meeting of another part of Self …
The last Day was the most intensive for all kinds of events. I am trying to take pictures of every scene because now that I have a blog it feels a responsibility 🙂 so here is my little shop I have opened and of course, brother Estas is a part of the story. Latvian people are very close with nature and natural products, so the treasures from the Holy Land that I brought with me where very welcome; it hade the day very aromatic, oily, creamy and herbally overwhelming. Mmmm what an amazing moments of sharing !!
And here is a surprise that came to me just before the sunset. One of the participants of our classes, Dace Smeltere, invited me for a ride to the sacred water source just several kilometers from the forest of the Festival. How could I possible expect that a small little ride would transform into a full power shamanic ceremony with a huge drum that Dace made herself and my karakol for the moment it felt like all the faeries and other forest creatures welcomed us around the icy waters, giving Blessings and invisible Kisses all over. What a Life aaaahhh!!
… and the moments of last  fire, last evening of a magical moments …
… and a opening releasing arty dancy Shakti Mama Sita Dance we are melting into…
the very last morning was actually the morning of the longest goodbyes, hugs and aaauuuummmsss that i experiences very in a long long time
… and meanwhile someone was just sitting there and taking care of his nails 🙂
The amazing spirit connection with Medicine Brother Kailash Kokopelli that opened a channel of sharing a wisdom of the nature of the different part of the mama Earth and her precious Gifts
… and again, hugging hugging hugging …



and the very very last moments are fully dedicating to the source of all sources, mama Jamaya WAter Goddess and a Floresta Latvian jungle side …
… and enjoying the abunDanza of the local apple trees that were feeling nourishing and prana giving during the whole magic week …
and here is a very interesting style of a fire making. see how simple and beautiful and ecologically powerful it may be
and here we are – fully packed and ready to go to the unknown …
on the way we are stopping for the best unexpected The even – Latvian Raw Food Restaurant !!! Wowow wow what a thing!! The coolest surprice about it – that it is not even opened yet – the official opening is planned for the next week, but because the owner is the friend of our organizer, we are privileged to be the first visitors and give our Blessings for the great and transforming Project!!
Go Raw Vegan!! It is the future no doubt for sure!!
by the way, it is one of the first times when i am actually using cash money here in Latvia and what a beautiful gift it is to see a Flower of Life on the banknotes. This really justifies all i suspected about this great people and great nation – fully on opened and connected to the upper Source channel.
happy happy dragon flying
and deciding wheather to be or not to be
yes. the end and the beginning of the circle starts with all the Elements and the Elementals. Latvian Mama Land. Sacred Water of the Baltic Sea. And a fire with the beloved Family. And a pranic air of the ocean and the forest meeting inside the nostrils.
Live Life Here and Now. All that one simple Being needs to be happy.
Needs to Be.
Is 🙂
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