Live Life in Riga – Eating. Praying. Loving

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Oh Thank you Thank you Thank you for this incredible days of Living, Being and Creating here in Riga. We are in a free flow of a Family Union feeling strong connection, enjoying and processing so many moments. Every day feels like a week – at least.
We started staying in Ilona’s place for a couple of days. This is a miracle woman who was one of the organizers of the Gara Vasara Festival, an artist and Eco Woman, creator of a multiple projects that have to do with the painters, sculptors and other fields artists, collaboration with nature, recycling and so on, that you can find in her website, but only if you read Latvian though 🙂
we start our first Riga morning in the cosy kitchen having fruits and vegetables from the family garden. Mmm, so easy and natural to be on a Raw way of living here !!


Some of us are staying in the other apartment at the other part of the huge building so we are having good times of communicating through the windows
and this easy slow morning turns into a moving to the other apartment were we will spend the rest of the period of working on the album(s).
… and here i am even trying to use a genre of video that is long forgotten, so lets say a new to me …



so, after all things and in the house we are taking a tour around the city. I personally do not enjoy being a tourist, so are most of the Familia, so having a local friends, Rudolfs and Guna, makes it a big difference. We are perceiving the city as home. And it does feel like that, smiling and quiet, clean and wide, the city feels so natural, like we’ve been there quite a while already



and the feeling of home gets even stronger when in a short time we are meeting a so sweet and known faces – guys from the fest that are part of a chill our area continue the tradition and welcoming us to their cosy chai shop corner here at the heart of Riga – Kama Tea Hub. These guys were nourishing us with great raw superfood treasures, shoko balls, green leaf juices, herbal infusions and so on. And as artists, they are also silkprinting shirts, tattooing, painting and and and … viva la creations!! as a precious moment, I also got a t-shirt from them yeye!




and then we are moving on letting us a bit of a tourist feelings here and there



… finding myself in a puzzle of myself – just in different forms and different shapes. all over …
local market is a number One place i usually go when arriving to a new location. This one highly surprices me with the fact that so many fruits and vegetables are coming from abroad. You can find here strawberries from Poland, apples from Germany, peaches from France and so on. Not speaking of a Rosta Rica’n pineapples and other exotic treasures. The whole geography map is on the tables of this market. That feels a little odd, because end of July is actually the most abundant time for the locally grown everything. So, it becomes a challenge for me to pick a local fruit that i succeed finally, as you see on the picture
the other day is more of a staying at home and having a Shakti energy activating full time. These are the most open flowing dinamically vortexing and synchronizing with the sisterhood activation in its full power ever!! Oh yes, such an amazing power we all are keeping inside of every and each of us, and what a blessing to have this opportunity to have a reflection in another I&I so close for some magical moments of this life Time
and for sure it is such fun to share together a healthy raw cool beautiful made with love meal. Most of You know that i am practicing a Raw Way of Living, meaning no cookings, minimum preparations and maximum fully fresh ingredients
So, this one goes really simple: you take out all the vegetables including Fresh Raw beetroots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin (they all are OK to eat without cooking!!), and of course carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts (green and black mung dahl, buckwheat, amaranth etc) – we mix everything in the blender, adding some tahini and black salt, some just cut in stripes and then roll a little into a nori sheets. 10 minutes and a colorful snacky dinner is ready to make us happy for a moment 🙂
another day we have spent in the most weird Brazilian Christian Church that does not even look like a church. The worst feeling we got was not from the setting but the people. a conversation with the priests made us feel like nothing really changed in their christian reality for the last couple of hundreds of centuries. I don’t even wanna go into that topic at the moment, just saying – KEEP AWAY OF ALL CHURCHES they are all taking us out of focus instead of bringing us to it.
as I cross some cool nature shops I cannot stop at this point and just screeeeeeam from this picture – that was exactly my vision to create such a packing – natural soap with a piece of local, olive in my case, piece of wood – so simple and so usefully beautiful!!
… a hint of mother father Israel on our Way …
… and having magical moments of deep sharings in a beautiful locations around there and here …
… and just having fun in the kitchen 🙂
and in the nearby forests picking freshest raspberries ever
… and walking alone on the infinite streets without maps and directions … just walking and walking … and nice moment to finish a story for today is this one – a miraculous landscape of Rerich’s India on the background of the city’s landscape. Deep wave that brings interdimensional quality to the reality of Here and Now.
Thank You All
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