Meeting the Heart Chakra of Latvia – Krusta Kalns of Inta

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This is a special Post about the spacial day, actually two days that we have spent in the Mountain of Crossess. The place and its Creator touched me to the point of no words. And I feel like not an easy task to share the Vision of It, because of its controversial topic to the point of an edge …

What Do we Really know about Christianity? How do we really perceive this huge issue that has been over 2000 years on this Pacha Mama Planet … so many lives, life and dead, such infinite views, ideas, approaches, experiences, feelings …

Trying to realize myself what is going on there took me, and maybe still takes me, infinite travelings into cultures, philosophies, religions … And I feel quite confident to say that I really understand by Now what it is all about. I appreciate and I love Jesus for descending here on this Planet in Physical Form, taking so much pain – He Is an Infinite Energy of Love, he – it, actually, is a Tiferet (accordung to the Tree of Life scheme), did concentrate itself in one human body in order to bring, to show, to let others feel hope and realize the true nature of oneselves. And then came a human part of the story. It all has been misunderstood, misinterpreted, deprived and condensed into words, into dogmas, into rules and rituals … it became religion … it became so far from the Source …

And this process is totally natural, because we are of this kind of nature, and everything is perfect, at least that is what i am still learning to accept. But the topic of Christianity is really so special to me, because i was born in a christian land, went through the baptist ritual and then moved to live in the Holy Land of Israel where Jesus is a forbidden word.

I feel like I need to say something at this point. We, Israelis, sincerely believe, that we are the Ones to bring light to all the planet. We are to start this. And we are actually have to start from ourselves. And to do so, as I understand the natural flow of this process, we need to plug into the Heart. Bacause it is what Israel is missing as a Nation, or, if you wish, as a Collective Being. The Heart of Ourselves, the Heart of the Universe, the Heart of the Tree of Life. And every educated Jew knows that the Heart of the Tree of Live is Tiferet. And every Christian knows that Tiferet is represented by Jesus. So, the formula is so easily created. And seems like almost impossibly applied into a 3D reality. At least for Now …

Anyway, it was kind of a trip, especially because we had Israeli brothers and sisters on board. That I love so much and Thank for being and reflecting again to me all that i feel and process so deeply …

It was a real surprise for all of us, and I would say, a big Gift to be there and to meet Inta and her family. This Woman was born totally enlightened, dedicating all her life to service to Others. Never in her life she had any kinds of intoxicants, being pure and innocent from the very childhood. She is so enthusiastic, full power telling stories that are taking us to the journeys around the world where she went to meet different pieces of the Knowledge and to give Service. She says she met Jesus that revealed himself to her in Body for three times. And most of the time she keeps the channel open, so she is constantly under the guidance, never making a move without synchronizing with the ascended teachers. And there are so many that she is meeting. So, around 20 years ago she had a vision about creating a Mountain of Crosses. She said she was kind of shocked because this idea was absolutely strange, she had no money no land as well. But an invisible guidance lead through infinite miracles and today this place is visited by thousands of  people from all over the world. She has digged a cave by herself with just one shovel (!!!) and built a Pyramid (sorry, no picture, was too busy experiencing it that forgot about about a camera) so people get a deep things going through when inside. Healers from nearby places come here to get in tune as well, because the mountain is actually a fountain of energies.

So here is a board (sorry, in Russian) that explains the whole story.

The entrance to the Mountain

a glimpse to the views around


The story told by Inta about how she was building the cave – miracles in every moment (in Russian)


and here we are



this stone she digged out herself with mostly hands and shovel, full of crystals and a face of an old man. His name is Yeshka – this is what the stone told her when he was calling her to free him out of the darkness of the land.



Mother Mary is standing on the point of an energy vortex. Inta is holding a stone that was found at this point and this stone represents Latvia, because of its shape and cracks. It is a miracle how the srone is totally a copy of the map of the country. Everyone who comes to the mountain is welcome to hold the stone and make a wish. Guess how many people did hold this stone so far … 🙂



We are having a meditation and a channeling that comes through Inta. Very powerful moment. And a challenging one, because the time of the sunset comes and mosquitoes are just about to start their celebration 🙂
Each of us leaves the place in silence, fully charge with different, even controversial things inside. But we all feel it is special. VERY special place to be and to feel.
And then comes part B. We are leaving the mountains and going to Inta’s house. She has invited all of us to go through the ritual of cleansing in the traditional Bania (Sauna, temascal, sweatlodge … ). But first of all she shows us her house. I was so amazed that totally forgot about the camera again. All the house is an ashram dedicated to all the celestial beings. You can see portraits of St. Germein, Buddha, Maitreia, Sai Baba, and many many others. All is One, are here it is a Reality rather thenn a Concept. Here you see a tree of Meditation. If you look closely, you may see that there is a whole inside a tree. So, this is a place of Inta’s meditation – down inside a tree. Buddha, Jesus and a mirror are the ones to be there to keep an energy.
And this is the building of the Bania where we all got beaten by Inta and her herbal magical mixes.  Before this one I considered myself a lover and an addict of such kind of cleansing. Unbelievable because i screamed like woooooo …. it was the strongest ever!! And then came a real orgasmic moment – because after she beat me with all the herbs, half dead, heated up to 120 degrees I was taken into a lake that is exactly five steps from the bania – from fire into the water. In the hands of Mama. and Pacha Mama. In a free flow. Floating in her arms. Relaxed as never before. Silence of the deep night. Freshness of a countryside air … Body gets melted into the Elements … And a Milky Way on the Sky. That was a moment of a Bliss.
after the rebirth we are invited for the tea, and in the conversation we hardly realize that the sun is out, it is almost 6 in the morning, so we naturally stay for a short nap before heading back to the city
and here we are – going in and out – saying good bye and hello.
Thank You Inta for who you are – bringing light into a form, always there for whoever needs you. Bless the sacred Service that you Are to this World!!
Feels like the story has just begun 🙂
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