Good Bye Riga – Hello Paris

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Our last days in Riga are truly amazing. Such a Blessing to be surrounded by Co-Creating Awareness Family looking into the eyes of each other and recognising infinite myself in a similar polarity but all different in this Oneness … The flow is so intensive and rich in activities that there is hardly opportunity to spend time near the computer. This post I am writing already from Paris, sitting in a cozy hotel room with an Eiffel Tower view from my window – a kitschy moment that feels so sweet ๐Ÿ™‚


So, little chronicles of the past several days. We will start from the moment when Liat Zion, an incredible singer from Israel landed at the place to participate in the recording. What a sister – from the first talk we feel like we always knew each other. The following days will just make this feeling stronger. Despite cultures, ways of life, interests and other discrepancies – it is One soul beating and striving for itself in different bodies. Your voice makes me cry, it is coming from the core of the universal Center, your words make me see the visuals that you see before they are coming into sounds … thoughts without words interconnecting and activating each other!! Liat you are fantastically special being that make me want to come back to Israel and spend some more time with you, exchanging the gifts that we are. Thank You!!
… and this is the next morning moment of listening to the first recording … amazing feeling of the union of two masters experiencing each other and bringing this experience to the world, uplifting it, enriching it, connecting it to itself at a new vibrational level…
The greatest synchronicity ever – me and my beloved Luana MamaSita went to a small cafe somewhere in Riga, and “coincidentally” met there a real goddess, beautiful Dana from the festival, where we had a deep connection and sharin. This ‘coincidence’ is a double one, because later we will discover that Dana wanted to invite us to visit Mountain of Crosses (see previous post) where we’ve been a couple of days ago. What a Moment oh My!!!
I would really love to make a special Post about Latvian Women that we saw on the streets. Because it is something that is worth a separate attention. It is widely known that the most beautiful women are Russian and Ukrainian (and we hope to explore that area later on), but to tell the fact, Latvia made us want to picture so many goddesses that we met around. Aesthetics and Charm, fashion and femaleness are fully activated and bring us so much pleasure to look around and say ‘wow’, beauty makes us happy and surprises again and again!!
The biggest Day in the studio was a full on Flight, and not only the “Internal Flight”, the longest composition in the album of Estasย and Friends. The Co-Creation starts with the setting of an altar where we all bring ourselves in a little pieces of Pacha Mama gifts
while everybody gets their own rooms and microphones, because every channel is recorded in a special room, I stay with Estas, meditating and being in the Flow with him, because I still not ready, unfortunately, to add myself in a musical way … it is interesting that from the very childhood I had musician friends and flows around. Always. But until now this channel has not really been activated … well, we’ll see what happens next ๐Ÿ™‚
a moment after the recording is finished – Masters are coming out each from a separate room for a strong deep wordless union
and here comes a traditional Israeli hummus dinner ๐Ÿ™‚
and in the night time the scene looks like this – in front of the computers – writing editing creating drinking coffee. Life!
Local treasures – when Liat mentioned that she’d like to bring some berries back to Israel (because we do not have any over there, believe it or not), our mama caring Ilona brought all possible kinds of berries. It becomes an evening of a great abunDanza that we are sharing – making smoothies, mixing berries and superfoods, powders etc., eating them just like that, … what a gift this nature we can’t stop giving Blessings to You!!
and here is dear Neptun, a Goa-born second generation hippie gypsy vargan master musician and a unicycle rider who came to be a part of a record, brought the “leftovers” of a huge collection of jew harps that he sells all over the world. I was honored to barter my art with him, so now I am a happy owner of the Jew harp that I practice in every possible case and place, including airports, hotel receptions, streets and restaurants (places I have been so far since i got the toy :))
the last day in Riga starts with the sweetest picture ever – our brothers sharing the sleeping space. Soooo cute ๐Ÿ™‚
and after the long morning rituals of yoga, cleansings and smoothies we are all having a great bicycle tour all over the city, including swimming naked in the river in the island that in in the middle of the town, riding through parks and old city, going to the market and cafes and other Babylonian pleasures ๐Ÿ™‚
we pass by the streets build totally in Art Nouveau style. We all take a minute to stop and watch the beauty. Riga you make my aesthetic feelings Dance!! To tell the truth I do not really enjoy going around countries and staring at the buildings, especially because I had so much of it in the Arts Department long ago, studying architecture styles in detail. There is something in this process that just does not bring an inner pleasure … but still, when I am already in a movie, appreciating the history art and beauty of it – and I wish this has a part of an Israeli culture too!!



… yes yes yes, my very favorite berries almost in the middle of the city – wild growing !!!
and what can be better then to come back and have a fresh smoothie and a prepare a dinner for a beloved family!
Last moments of the Story – were full of movements, hugs, feelings, emotions and realization that since now we are never apart – it is just a beginning of the Journey that has been going for-Ever.
Leaving Latvia with the Heart Activated more then ever, Thankful for literally every moment that was filled with gratitude for this Life. Aware, fully Loved. I wish Every Living Creature of Earth to go through the vibes of the process we just shared – fulfilling a simple wish that we all give to each other in a special moments – TO BE HAPPY, BE HAPPY, BE HAPPY ๐Ÿ™‚
I Am flying high into the sky, see the planet, its beauty, see myself as a non existing little fractal of the universe that is an endless universe itself. no more questions. no realizations. Just Being and Enjoying the Beauty of It, of this Being, without any reason, any cause and effect. I Love this Story, even though it may be a trap, a matrix, a cave or a cage – a duality or infinity, today ,right Now, I really do not care – Because I am here to just Enjoy Its Beauty. That Is It!
… and here We Are – landing in the middle of the Paris. But it is already a different Story ๐Ÿ™‚
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