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Today I have talked to a life-long friend, who is a perfect reflection for me. I asked her if she was reading my blog, and she replied: To be honest with you, all you say is that everything so good and wonderful that I easily get bored from all that you write and in the end just enjoy the pictures. Well, dear Mashenka, this time it will be different, I promise!

And here is the story. I am totally consciously deciding to take a car trip with my father and his wife, Lena, all around Europe, starting from France, and then Germany, Swissland and Poland. Just for you to know, living in different countries for over 13 years, we merely get a chance to meet once every year or two. So, this time had to be special. And it was, of course. But all that I was processing inside can end up with this very simple proposal of some clever advice:



We live in the time where all known categories are being constantly re-vised, re-defined, re-approached … the essence of a Family, as we know it historically and nowadays, is surely a part of this global transforming process. What do we know about the family? Well, what is “Family” at all? Each of You has the Own answer and vision along with the common vocabulary definition. To me, it has been clear since an early age, that the Family is much more then just the blood connection we got by birth. The Family – are people with whom it is possible to share all and everything and to be accepted any way it comes. To resonate, to feel in-tuned, to be simply comfortable. That’s it. So elementary. And this is the notion I bring through the whole life Story of this time. Each one, who feels in resonance is perceived as a family to me. Once I talked to Indian Baba about a need to bring a child in to this world, and he told me: Let All the World be your Child and See how it feels. Since then, I practice this way of perception and to tell you the truth – it changed my life completely! It feels home wherever I am – because I am a mother taking care of all around me and I am a child of it simultaneously, fully relying of what it reveals and brings for this Story.
And to tell the truth, I have a best Father Ever, the only thing is that he is still learning to accept my Story (and he still does not guess he is learning he-he). So, my Dad is a scientist, physics and math professor, after the separation with my mom, he got married several years ago with Lena, she is a scientist as well. So, imagine me travelling with two intellectuals who process all the reality around as a Real one, seriously taking all that comes.
The biggest trouble for me – they planned every single move ahead, the whole journey by hours (!!!), so every move outside the schedule was quite impossible, and was considered a crime 🙂 My biggest lesson was to keep myself in a state of a child that has no point of view and no free will. Great and uneasy lesson to practice. And to tell some truth to the point – the lesson is not fully accomplished 🙁
So, the story started with landing in Paris and spending a night at Carol’s place, a girl whom I met in Peace Garden when she came to spend a Wave with us in Israel. She found me in facebook and proposed to pick me up in the airport and spend a night at her place. Thank You so much, dear one, it was a very interesting experience to meet you and have a unique time, both with you and after, receiving your letters. We are still going through the intense healing process about it. Jah Bless You, my dear One, I really wish you do the best of it!
after we have met in the airport, Carol takes me around the night city of Paris.
Sincerely, Paris is far from my dream city. Despite its beauty, European spirit, history, art and atmosphere … or maybe Because of all of it. Too much of human everything was going on here  … all nice but rather heavy energy to me.
after another city trip I finally meet my very dearest Daddy, who makes faces to the camera just like me was always doing!! Finally I realize where I coming from – all my friends who made fun of me making faces to the camera. please notice where this phenomenon comes from 🙂
 This was the most beautiful spot in the whole city of Paris to me. This bench. It reminded me of something that I can hardly put in words. Feeling of Fall in the middle of the summer, a Romantic island in the middle of the city, a place to sit and meditate in silence, to feel lonely among the crowd and to feel union with All, to observe a Movement, around and within … mmm this bench is the Best!
people playing ancient game (don’t know in English) in a square. Does anything change in a New Time and a New World?
We stayed a night at the cosiest hotel. The topic of hotels is a separate one, as in this trip we have experienced a number of hotels that was way too much for my “daily” life.
Cute patio and color doors of this one, funny guys at the reception desk and a great views – what else do we need for tonight. This Hotel Eiffel Segur is definitely recommended as not so expensive (something like 65e per room) and is literally just a few minutes from the Tower, that makes a tourist experience that I am trying to play so rich and fulfilling.
And finally I make a picture of all the stuff I am travelling with
Next morning just before departing, I catch the same time that my big Journey started. Another little synchronicity. Another journey inside the journey. Another flower of Life to blossom its unique scent and to create one more story.
we walk around Paris for a while and then move on to the next point – Munich, Germany.
On the freeway we stop to a pee. I run for my iphone to catch this thing. Very happy to see this toilet!! Unlike its Indian father prototype, this one is fully automatic, watering itself when you open or close the door, meaning twice more then needed for the hygienic purpose, but I guess its ok, there is no water shortage problems like in Israel, so the cleaner the better…
Food and Toilets are my very favorite topics 🙂 There is something very deep and true when they say that What we Really Do – is Eating and Shitting, and the rest is just a game that we invent for ourselves.
So, what can be more true then Food and Toilets.
And to share the intimate story, the most uncomfortable moment about Travelling for me, is the topic of toilets. I use water instead to toilet paper back Home. It is so rare to see one the road. Water style is more natural to the body. Missing my WC under the tree which is comfortably supplied with bidet, towels, great view and a fresh air of the mountain. Anatomically (as you see on the left), it is much more natural to sit on an “Indian style’ thing, then a European one. This upgrade on the down right picture we recommend to everybody who has no opportunity of an Indian style thing.
In the same gaz station I find berries that become my freshly picked breakfast. Maybe exaggerating too much, but yes, i am in love with them and gonna continue to take pictures every time I meet a Berry 🙂
so, here is a sad moment. The most beautiful places are still left behind … all of them are just through the window of the car … we are too late for the dinner and a check in …
And here we are – landing in Germany, Munich in a Condor Hotel. Looking so good at the pictures, i would never even recommend it to no one. Air in the rooms. Air was the worst I experienced in any closed spaces lately. Was is about the carpets or walls or windows or all together, but when i was a mold inside the pictures on the wall, it was all clear why my body reacted so strangely with a cough when i was inside that space.
setting up an altar place makes it home wherever i am, creating a material center in the room for meditation, focusing, and just feeling yes, at home !
walking streets of Munich made me want to сompare with Israeli little cities – when you walk in the street and hear mainly Russian and Arab languages instead of local ones. So, this McDonalds is a perfect reflection of the situation. Eve in Russia you can hardly find their logo written in Russian, but here you go – all immigrants are welcome to feel home 🙂
This is a well known pub because here Hitler has started his public speeches. So clever of him – hundreds of drunk people are ready to digest all you propose to them. We entered the place because my family were recommended to go and experience this thing. I could barely spend a minute there. Stuffed air, screaming monkeys, alcohol and fried dead animals stinking around made me run outside for a sip of fresh air
this country does know little of a kosher story if at all. pigs are of a great respect here, welcoming you at every corner
in this journey I have slowly realized that there is no need to even open a menu – fresh vegetable salad and green tea are my permanent orders in any public food places.
Next Day it was one of the greatest synchronicities I experienced lately. Ziv wrote to his friend Lina in Munich about me, so I met her for a dinner. Lina is a Russian Jewish immigrant who
 speaks fluently in something like ten different languages and works as an independent interpreter. So, we’ve met just between her appointments. It was a nice thing to meet someone you do not know before, but knowing that she belongs to a bigger Familia, exactly the experience I talked before. So, while we sit and talk her phone rings and … she says it is for me!! Incredible!! It turns that some other friend, Stefanie, a German girl I met in Indian Himalayas about 6 years ago, saw in FBook that I am in Munich and “By Coincidence” knows Lina and has her number. What a thing this Story!! So, in about ten minutes Stefanie comes with her bike and we continue our lunch all together.
having so little time on my own, I have to be clear of what I really want to see here in this city. As we talked of a Real things before, I prefer to study food issues and find out that there are two (!) Raw Restaurants in Munich. We choose one with a cute name “Gratitude”. Crossing half of the city to realize it is closed. Hm .. 🙁
ok, no problem, then at least we’ll go to a local natural shop 🙂
… where we find Israeli favorite Dates that cost here 7 times more expensive then back home
Stefanie takes me to a ride on her bike and I am taking pictures of myself on the bike that makes people around happy
the rest of a journey is another places, stones, buildings … hm … nice but sorry, not for my inner pleasures
 wind electricity is what makes Germany special inside my memories since i was here in early age
 … all next day we spend on the Road heading to Poland … I finally get a free time to work on the projects for my Familia friends that I was postponing all these days, to photoshop pics, and generally, to spend time on the computer until the battery is dead 🙂
Look what a Rainbow Bridge manifesting itself somewhere there … just for you to know, the Rainbow Bridge Meditation is a practice that we sincerely recommend for the connection with oneself, Pacha Mama and the whole Universal Story. And here it is in the physical form reminding me of Peace Garden times …
Poland. Warsaw. The most beautiful Hotel I have probably ever stayed – Mazurkas Hotel, relatively cheap for this kind of service, and makes you feel like Wooo. Unfortunately their Sauna was closed at night, and this part I really miss so far after the long ride.


Our last dinner for the trip. I made it. I tried to be a good girl. Sorry for walking wrong directions sometimes. Sorry for playing my Harp in the night and not realizing it bothers your sleep, sorry for taking a night baths and not considering the walls are so thin … there is always space to improve, and I am here – so learn, to make the doors of perception thinner and thinner …
and here we are at the boarder Poland – Belarus … believe it or not – we have spend there almost 12 hours!!! Feels like a soviet times already at the entrance. Never-ending lines …
this number of 1444, also time 14:44 is following me long ago.
I am looking at the window and seeing a land that once I called my Motherhood. Do I feel something about it now?
Let us go and check that … Go … Again … For some reason. Ahead!!
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