A Glimpse to Belarus – Re-discovering a New Old Life

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Couple of Hours left before I will depart to the train station to the next destination point – Crimea, Ukraine.
Feeling in a vacuum of being still here but not really anymore. It was the most odd time I ever had in my mother-country, Belarus. Less then a week, did not meet most of my friends and other people from the past – a ritual I usually tended to do before. Deep bio-family quest. A connection with unknown corners of nature that I am so lucky to discover. Its like coming here for the first time at some point! Ok, no talking much this time – we’ll be mostly visual ┬á­čÖé
As most of You know I have such special relationship to berries. I am convinced it is the best solid live food for the humans ever. When entering my, once home, Minsk – I notice that in every corner of the city there are huge billboards with different berries and their ancient names in Belarussian. Amazing way to educate the population!
Annushka my life time friend. Last time when I saw you, you was getting married and here you are – and a cosmic extension of You in this little creature Semion! His blue blue eyes are focusing and attracting me so that I cannot stop looking at him and finding different pieces of infinite myself there, deep inside … Thank you for coming and Welcome to the Planet, Dearest One!!!
By the time he is asleep Annushka is making a little pu-ehr tea ceremony. I love being ceremonial with tea, considering it one of the most precious drinks after pure water, of course. Here in Belarus, as I notice, many of my beloved ones have inserted this way of drinking tea in the everyday routine. Making it a little special makes us happy!
The next day we are having the same story in Vova’s place. Mmmm, so good to see old friends, thank you Vovochka for being who you are, calm, relaxed atmosphere of You is very comforting for me. Always.
These days are the hottest time in a honey world. I am a honey big big lover, no matter what they say on Raw food rules and other stories of a kind, I love honey and always look for the best of it. So, these days it is a special holiday, christian tradition, when they bring honey form the forest and make a full time celebration out of the process. In the Jewish culture it is also going to be a Rosh-ha-Shana, a new year, traditionally celebrated with honey and apples. So, there is a huge fair where traders from all over Belarus, Ukraine and Russia are coming to share their products. Believe it or not, in this picture is is ALL HONEY!! In the last years they created a special technology that enriches honey with Oxygen, so its crystals are not growing with time, and it has a texture of cream. So, the color difference comes from different flower types, processes and additives of propolis, fur resins etc.
so good to sit in the park on the bench and watch Live Life passing through …


long time ago it was my everyday reality. Thank you so much that is it a Past for me Now !!!
and finally I meet my mama. We have a walk in a park and get a painting of her
and even take a tourist catamaran little ride
and in the night we travel through oil paint and long life stories with Natasha my beautiful fairy
So Talented You Are my Dearest One!!!
A ride to the place I dreamed to visit for many many years. It is called Belovezhskaya Pushcha, and it is one of the biggest wild huge forests in Europe, that has trees of several hundreds years, lots of huge wild animals, among them Zubr that is a unique kind of bison, living only in this area. Spending just a day there I can hardly confirm a full connection to the place, but something very interesting definitely happened there.
a route that we took on bicycles
… Fly fly fly .. Dragon Fly fly fly … Life .. life .. life …
The Zubr ­čÖé
Traditional cold beetroot summer soup – I love this color !
When visiting new places I love noticing the details that are worth noticing. This fence is definitely one of the pieces! What a master work this creation, so simple and so extra-original!
so, after beetroot lunch we rent bicycles and go for a several hour journey inside the woods
huge lake somewhere in between
my bicycle is a real present – i am so lucky to get the one that needs to be repaired several times during the journey!! So good!! I finally get a chance to remember how the mechanisms of this genius invention work and get an experience of having black hands and huge satisfaction of the fact – i did it!!!
sunset in the forest
… and it is the best time to depart, and we say Thank You la Floresta for the beautiful connection. Little to Say and Lots to feel and to take with me from this mysterious full of magic space of Mama Nature!!
one more day spent in totally different type of nature. A Russian Classical Tradition that is called Dacha. Dacha is a summer house, that traditionally, most x-ussr citizens own. No matter where you go, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine or anywhere else, it mostly looks something like this – each family had only 6 sotok (hm, how do I count it in acres, dunams or other systems?!:)), a small space that is actually quite enough to feed the family, if you know how to use it in a best way. So, Annushka’s mama invites us to spend a day there and have all the … Berries that are there!!
Notice: all grows in this relatively small space and – i did not capture all of it! There are also 2 greenhouses of cucumbers and tomatoes, pumpkins, greens, potatoes, beans and … and … and … Gastronomic paradise!


Amaranth has a special place in the story – I have recently discovered this plant and highly recommend to everyone to git seeds and enjoy them as one of the most special superfoods ever!!
From multiple photos of the city I choose this one to transmit the Spirit – wide empty clean and full of State Symbolism this is how I remember the place that gave me birth and history to share.
Thank You, for the moments of Live Life!!
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