Crimea. Ukraine. Part One – Visiting a Fairytale Town Festival

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I am in the train “Minsk – Simferopol”… over 40 hour…, one and a half days of almost silent ride to the Nowhere. First time entering this part of the planet, at a time and space when no one is waiting for me. I just was invited to the Spiritual Festival, a space where thousands of people from different energies, ages, religions, visions, systems and techniques gather all together to create a Fairytale Town. I am curious about the invitation, the possibility to deliver classes at the Festival and discover new atoms of the Cosmic Flow 🙂




Arriving straight to the beach on the Black Sea, the Festival is just on top of the mountain that goes directly into the waters. From the top we see an impressive part of Crimea. This place is one of the most popular attractions for passive “belly-back” summer holiday seekers. Soviet citizens back in the Iron Curtain times were coming to Crimea for summer vacations. For some unknown reason my family never came here, so this place was kind of a mystery. I also heard that here is a place of gathering for teachers, gurus, hippies, Festivals, lots of wild nature, absolutely no mosquitoes and much beauty happening here.



As I set my tent and just start moving to the main areas of the Festival, I meet a friend from Turkish Tree of Life Festival, beautiful timing, it is a nice sign to me, being welcomed from the first moment, getting into the atmosphere of home.
Ginn is taking me around: we see a stage where 4 times a day teachers are announcing their master-classes, which makes it easy way for the public to decide what class to choose and where to go. There are over 30 different fields, most of them activated simultaneously. This makes the festival rather active… many things happen, we see classes on multiple subjects as types of Healing, Yogas, Chinese methods, arts, music, nutrition, singing, male and female circles, and even Mayan Brothers with Tzolkin!




After walking around for a while I decide that the best way of meeting people would be setting up a table with my Artisana. Just in several moments guys who notice Hebrew on my soaps, stop by and share greetings straight from Israel!! It s interesting to see these ways of how culture connects people. If there would be no Hebrew, we’d probably never met. By the way, Yuri, the guy on the right at the picture, is fully Raw for over 3 years, and there is even a special website for Russian Israeli Raw People that has much info and people to meet and flow in the intention for healthy happy living! Thank you guys for such an interesting meeting!



Welcome Home – I am again feeling Home by meeting the big camp of Mayan Tzolkin Brothers. It becomes clear in a minute that they are the ones who created a Russian version of Tzolkin online, the website I was constantly using when living in Peace Garden Community. The weird thing for me is to see all the teaching in Russian. Cyrill is giving everyday classes, activating, meditating, bringing the knowledge to this part of the planet.



Among known to me Tzolkin tables there is one that I have never seen before. Later on, when I will pass by a little town Ordzhonikidze and meet brother Rama there, he will give me a several hour teaching on this ancient Slavic Calendar-Watch-Zodiac-Alphabet-and much more layers of deep ancient knowledge all concentrated on this one round scheme called Krogolet:


Древний Славяно-Арийский Календарь – Коляды Дар, т.е. подарок Бога Каляды. Способ исчисления дней в году. Другое название – Круголет Числобога. Ныне этим календарём пользуются только Староверы – представители самой древней Славяно-Арийской Веры
Коляды Дар состоит из трёх природных сезона: Оусень, Зима и Весна, на каждый из которых приходится по 3 месяца. Все сезоны составляют единый солнечный цикл, именуемый Лето.В календаре есть Простое Лето и Священное Лето. Простое Лето состоит из 365 дней, нечётные месяцы имеют 41 дню, а в чётных содержится по 40 дней. Священное Лето на 4 дня длиннее в каждом месяце по 41 дню, итого 369 дней. 15 простых и 1 Священное Лето составляют Круг лет.Девять Кругов Лет – это Круг Жизни (Круголет Числобога), или 144 лета. Новолетие (Новый год) праздновали на первый день второго месяца Оусени, т.е. на День Осеннего Равноденствия, когда урожай уже был собран.Неделя Славянского календаря также состояла из 9 дней, название каждого несло в себе порядковый номер дня недели: Понедельникъ, Вторникъ, Тритейникъ, Четверикъ, Пятница, Шестица, Седьмица, Осьмица, Неделя.
The family of Cyrill, Yulia and little Maya are travelling Eastern European and Syberian festivals most of the year, and are winterly based in St. Petersburg, were they also translate Mayan books in Russian, take care of the website and organizing activities in the city. Crystal Activation Now!
Another moment of camera and interesting meeting synchronized 🙂
Rama – a Crimea born local enlightened being of light. He is taking me to Maxim, who brought his little 3.3 Dome to the festival. I took pictures of the parameters, it is a very simple and stable model of the dome I might use for the upgrade of mine. Feels little homesick when I start thinking of my sweet Dome back in Israel … )
Maxim and his crew are also the creators of the website that synchronizes Love energies around, giving a basis for healers and light beings to spread their gifts around the world.
Sasha is a fairy creature whom I meet passing the main road. He is just a pure giving never ending flow of tasty little things, incenses and other interesting pichefkess to share with everyone every day all Fest long. Here I am catching him sharing honey and pollen mmmmmm
Natasha and Yuri are a dream couple that I am blessed to meet. Yuri is a Healer, Naturopathic Therapist and, in this case, most important a Clay master and mouth flute maker.
His flutes are truly unique. They sound an exact Toros sacred geometry Sound,
having an exact angle spiral mechanisms inside the mini-flute to produce a unique, healing sound.



We are having wonderful sharing moments with the couple, among other things they present me with local herbs that are perfect for both tea and eating.
I am moving to a chai shop to get some water and discover a herbalists’ paradise straight on the counter!

This part of the planet is a true center for herbal drinks lovers – since lots of young people are aware of the healing powers of plants and are using it on a daily basis. No other part of the planet, not in Europe, States, India or Israel I experienced a tea aware people in every house!



Here we meet Dimulia who teaches Yoga of the Word. A Unique way of looking at the use of Words as a Projection of the awareness and a state of mind.
Dima is proposing  “You-Need-Must” as a basic communication formula that is imprinted in the society’s discourse, used in speeches of Putin and other politicians as a verbal encoding of the society.
We will continue traveling together for a while so I will be glad to explain more about the method, it seems interesting to spread the message of verbal practices.


A group of a Raw Chai Shop are inviting us for moment of sharing raw cakes, chocolate balls and other sweet delicious munchies… mmmmmm …



Salsa Class



Clay Moment



Didgeridoo Massages



So many moments camera was not part of the story, as you may have experienced yourself for some life scenes … The Skazka Festival was about meeting interesting people, synchronizing the vibes with previously unknown part of the Universe. Grateful and Inspired by these meetings I hardly went to the place of  Silence … Silence … Silence … Sea …

… as my feet first touch the stones of the beach, my heart gets blown up by the CRYSTALS that are basically covering the whole area. I have never experienced something like this ever – the sources of knowledge, pure energy and healers are EVERYWHERE AROUND ME !!!
So blessed to enjoy the presents of Black Sea every day of the festival till the last moment <3



I Am giving thanks to all living beings creating the Universe in such a unique mandala that lets me experience it here and now …



With the intention to come and serve here next year, I am leaving the Malorechinsk area for other beaches, mountains and forests of Crimea … with the last iPhone pictures coming very soon …

May All Beings BE Happy
Right Now

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