Crimea. Ukraine. Part Two – The Flow of Live Life

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Leaving the festivals and moving to a free style flight – we have decided to take a rest of all the movements and staying in Sudak for a day. I am surprised by the level of Crimea’s hostels in a positive way – we got a cute room with beautiful green all wooden porch, swimming pool (but of course me never going those places, but it adds to the atmosphere), Hot shower and an endless mountain view!




Next thing I usually do when BEING in a new place and  putting all stuff in a safe place – is going to a local market. Here I have discovered several new fruits that seem extremely local (until I look up in a wiki and find up it grows in Americas as well:)) So, here is Maclura and local people call it Adam’s Apple – ignore what wiki says about it – here they prepare a medicines for immune system, blood pressure and all other dis-eases (not eatable, tinctures). I love the way it looks and Scents!!



Honestly, forgot how they call this one – the grains and soo sweet, and the seeds may be used for tea, as well as a peel. Nice yellow Crocodile 🙂
So, the next point of destination is Schebetovka – Lisja Bukhta. Meeting cosmic creatures in a Fest and continuing the Celebration for about a week in Crimea’s wilderness. Surrounded by a massive mountains, huge forest with pure water rivers, about 10 km walk from the nearest village. Guys’ secret place they go for the last several years to rest after the crowded events, enjoy absolute quiet breath of the Floresta …



… this was the moment my ihpone was stolen. will not go into detail – but from Now on – All the pictures are the courtesy of the ones I meet on the way.
The huge stones and the endless white) Black sea is a scene from Fiolent – a huge piece of land populated by the hippies from all over x-ussr.



Ordzhonikodze beach … and here I meet the Goddesses ~ Taja, Nastenka and Katjusha, who shared the following pictures. Feeling a sisterhood straight away, discovering lots of mutual friends all over the globe (not being surprised, but all~Ways surprised))


Jaga is one of the Beings that are impossible to forget ones meeting them. He is committed to the Service in every breath. Jaga used to be a cook for 20 years for the Krishna community, and now he lives in Orzho most of the year. He created a space that serves as a local ashram, main fire, kitchen, healing center, meeting point, one of the most taken care compost toilets and many other activities – all in a little spot that he is taking care with all the Heart, growing Tulsi precious plant, basil and other herbs (important to note that bringing sweet water here in a mountain cliff, as well as wood, is quite a mission).
Every morning Jaga leads a Yagge Puja ~ Prayer and meditation, that sometimes takes several hours. I feel blessed waking up and having the opportunity for this collective process, tuning into Indian, Slavic, Baltic and Jewish flows all in One …



After the Puja we are prepare a morning fruit shake with all superfoods making us happy ))


after staying here several days a calling for a shower and internet brings us to a Rama’s house.
Here we spend couple of days enjoying deeply each other’s presents of presence 🙂


Rama is an old slavic tradition follower, he studies this ancient knowledge and we had a private long session of studying it. Very interesting and fulfilling experience at all levels!



this is how an ancient calendar of slavic wisdom looks like. It is called Krugolet, and it is possible to get a little info in English here, and in Russian here. It is important to add that the synchronicity of it with Tzolkin is just fascinating, they obviously come from the same spaceship channeled by different authors :))


Leaving Crimea with the feeling of an un-finished story. Heading to Dnepropetrovsk to See Masha. Finally after so many years … We are landing at the main square Jaffa at the background.
Home sweet Home everywhere. Again and again 🙂


 the creativity of Ukrainian Buskers – the sign says: “Contribute to take a girl of my dreams to a restaurant”. Ha-ha.


Masha is a serious student, a Yoga teacher in the future. So, in order to complete her studies she needs a lab rabbit to make tests. Me in this case. We are having a full evening fun, testing me while jumping, running, sitting, meditating, having pulse, blood pressure tests, and even painting my feet to make some weird foot checking …


… and me preparing healthy shakes with sprouts and and and … Raw fooding joy fulltime ))


City Views for a farewell moment



And now … Right now I am in a train that takes me through the mountains of California … still no camera 🙁 for my lazy friends who skip all aboove texts enjoying mostly pictures rrrrrr.
After little (in quantity of days) but lot (in inner perception) visit of my Homeland, here the story brings itself in another form … another place … another Here and Now …
Let Us See
How It Reveals Itself
…and in Gratitude, no matter What …
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