Chocolate Bliss for IT World – Story of WorkShop

This WorkShop was a private event for the IT company. That was a heck of an experience for me, because, honestly, I am living in such different worlds, that it felt like falling into another planet.

How come, you may ask. And I will say – I don’t know… We are all equal humans, but somehow, there are times when it just feels different. Recognize this moment? That’s how I felt that night – everything went in a usual way, but something was very different.

These guys where very surprised by what I shared with them as well. I must admit. I came to make a fun cacao workshop, and I ended up sharing about permaculture, natural living and teaching how to breathe and sit correctly.

Most of the participants had never seen green buckwheat and cacao beans… and this worked the other way as well – they taught me about the difference in motherboards of newest laptops (I am about to buy a new one), and shared the secret rules of the corporate world (very exciting!)…

And yes, everyone got a bunch of buckwheat cacao energy balls with them to shock and surprise their families and friends.

I am sure, the whole office will discuss this weird girl who came to talk stories of yurts and tepees, and living without fridge and ceramic bathroom, for quite a while. They will 🙂



For More Moments from the WorkShop please go Here:

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