My Mandala Fest 2014

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I totally abandoned my internet life. Too busy, too lazy, too something else. Since the last post here it has been lives and lifes, going around USA, India, Israel, Latvia … Being, experiencing, learning and teaching … sometimes it feels like uuf, I indeed had to put all that into the blog, otherwise it disappears into the Nothing …
And this time I am Doing it!! This one is really worth IT!!
Going to Russia seems so obvious but so not taken for granted. It has been over 10 yars since I have last been there. And although I am kind of russian (belarussian 🙂 ) it is still kind of exotic, miraculous and full of excietment!! My dearest cosmic brother as a starring guest at the fest gave a push and here I am – coming to Russia to share my own experience and give workshops about Consciousness in Food. I have prepared several workshops – “Eat Pray Love” and Ayurvedic approach, 6 tastes; brought different foods, superfoods, tastes and textures to touch scent and of course, taste. But lets go there from the beginning.
Here we are, arriving to the Sacred Land. The festival is held at the private land of the cosmic family that organize it. What a privilege!! It really gives a true essence of this whole Creation – the process of the festival, which is already 4 years old (and feels like only the beginning of a life time flow) – the sacred geometry labirynth is there at the entrance to let every newcommer to tune into the land, to feel it by the movement, touch of the feet kissing the earth, in silence or holding a long term friend’s hand, circling, circling, circling into the vortex…
And here I am, full time into the flow of sharing the knowledge and experience and also learning from the ones who are here in the flow. I was totally amazed by the level of openness of those who came to listen. Even though I am mostly focusing of Raw diet and possibility of Pranic nourishment, most of the people who came to listen are still it eating-everything-mode. But despite this, all are willing to change, understanding and receiving the importance of food for both health and spiritual evolution. We are going through historical, medical, biochemical and natural and cosmic realms, touching the layers. Of course it feels not enough time to cover all the topics that raise inside this endless topic of food.
This poster in the airport “The Taste Rules” makes me sad. Cannot pass by without noticing. They install these programs into our consciousness without us noticing … Taste rules only Sick and Unaware Monkey Mind!!! The one who is striving for a true life, true meaning, true self is not to get into this trap. I wanna Screeeeeam when I see this stuff!!!!!
… and I wanna Sing when I am meeting myself in the eyes of the Others, in whose who were strangers yesterday, and today become part of me f-o-r-e-v-e-r!! This one creature was making me happy from the first moment I saw him – a car full of boxes of peaches, cherries, grapes, apples, and on the way to the airport we stopped to get watermelons, eliminating a huge one right there at the supermarket just two of us yummmmm!!! so here you see a creation of a Sage (!!!) boost juice. Oh these Russians … 🙂 This is a raw-station at the fest that made me super over happy!! Girls were absolutely amazing preparing all with so much love and awareness, spicing up the dishes with universal poetry, gratitude and prayer. Eating all that was absolute Bliss!!!
… and here is a little shop that came with me straight from Israel. So good to share handmade little things that I have recently been creating in a wild natural community back home.
… and this was a beautiful moment of translating Pepe’s workshop on Zen meditation with incredible Shakuhachi … oh beloved you Rock!!!
… and surprisingly, my sado-maso part was almost fully satisfied in the fest. Yogic 6 inch nails, russian Bania with oak and birch veniki made me scream out all of myself releasing and letting go all that is not I am. My Slavic DNA fully active.
after hours of spending in this octaedron wooden heat temple, taken care almost 24/7 for the whole 5 days of the festivial, we are jumping into the waters of the river, carefully held in this cute little swimmingpool where we had a kids attacks once in a while. Beautiful energy indeed!!
The only thing I regret I didn’t do is PRAVILO – from the Russian word “Pravit'” – to align. A construction that looks like you know what, is an ancient method of balancing and harmonizing all of the bodies, physical and spiritual, as one. Next year I am doing this!!!
… to tell you the truth, as an ex-photographer, I am rarely using my cam these days. Focusing on interaction with beloveds, I mostly forgot about picturing the beauty around. Sorry brothers and sisters that I missed most of you outside the frame. You truly all are in my Heart. And here are some – my favorite people in this solar system :)))
… and Special Blessing Gratitude and Wowowness – to the Pleadean Goddess – believe it or not – this fragile woman is at the source of all the Mandala Creation. Tahnit, even though we did not really go deep into each other I am fully feeling your Infinite Soul ~ a Soul that You Are!! Blagodarnost’ Tebe Sestra Boginja!!!
… the visit to Russia was very focused – mostly coming for the fest I had very short time walking around – and this moment with the Masters is one of the blissfull indeed <3
Next year at Mandala 2015 with a full 7 days service?!…
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