Apple Cider Vinegar Wisdom

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Vinegar is one of the most ancient ways to preserve food and health. The most common one that is easy to get is Apple Cider, but actually it is possible to brew vinegar from almost any fruit and even some vegetables. Once I have tried to make wine out of mulberries. Unfortunately the wine got sour, and fortunately I got an amazing mulberry vinegar that I am still using for the fifth year so far. And yes, Vinegar comes from the french ‘vin aigre’ that is ‘sour wine’.

There are endless usages for the vinegar both in a household and for the body. I don’t waste precious organic vinegar for cleaning, so usually I use cheap synthetic or white wine vinegar for cleaning. The recipe is simple – add 10-30% of vinegar to warm water, few drops of refreshing essential oil (lavender, rosemary or tea tree are classic) and whatever will be touched by this elixir, will be shine, pure and clean.

Vinegar is one of the most important items in my kitchen. Loving deep and brightening tastes, I am using a special hard-core-heavy-duty tincture – by infusing organic apple cider vinegar with fresh ginger, red and green chilli peppers, garlic, onion, and black pepper (see the photo). The idea came from my Hawaiian friends who shared their national drink with me when I was visiting california few years ago. They call it ‘chilli pepper water’ – red chilli vinegar infusion, and they drink it from a little shell every time before meals. I took this idea one step further and added a few more medicines. The idea really works. There are no sick people around me to experiment on its healing powers fortunately. SO, I am using it as a preventive tool and a great alkalizer.

A teaspoon into the salad, dehydrated crackers or anything else salty and sourly explodes the tastes to new levels. And yep, its super healthy! Even though there is one but – only for raw-foodists and those above (frutarians, liquidarians etc.) – do not play with vinegar too much, the bacteria in your stomach is quite different and much more gentle. Vinegar is a product of fermentation and contains quite strong life forms there. As one goes higher in the food evolution level, there is no need for even such high quality products, considering it is still processed.

If you are resonating with Vinegar and want to find out more, there are multiple videos, books and articles on the gifts of this precious liquid. From using it as a shampoo, pet sanitizer, skin toner, body detoxifier (weight loss, candida, fungi, sweat, acidity, high cholesterol, antiglycemic effect, improves digestion, prevents bladder stones and UTI), bad breath, preserving food and probably even more.

So, connect to the precious Vinegar, use it whenever possible and may All be Blessed and Alkalized!



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