Tantra of Sound – A Story of the Desert Re-Treat


Desert Retreat was the result of many things coming together through some miraculous coincidences. It originally had to be in a different location and with different facilitators. Even the topic was different. But everything happened. As it was, it resulted in a deep journey for both the participants and us. We had a pretty tight schedule, and as one of the people said in the final sharing circle, referring to the depth of the experience: “three days felt like four years”.



The idea of the retreat was to create space for the participants to listen to themselves deeply, to experience a space of Being, to merge themselves with the silence, sounds and practices. Pepe brought the side of sound, and that was simply beyond real. We had to extend the mantra workshop because everybody was flying on singing together. The Sound Healing session (which was a debut for me), where we used dozens of world wide musical instruments, aromatherapy and touch healing, took all of us to profound realms. Later, Pepe’s drumming brought the spirits straight from the African deserts (and also some visitors from the nearby town – who heard the music from outside and wanted to get in). Pepe’s Zen teaching took the whole process to a whole new depth. Ayala did a shamanic ritual for calling an inner totem animal.

The beginning of the retreat was exactly on the day of the new moon in Aries. It is considered the best time of the year to make a wish, to revise the old patterns and create an intent for new ones. I lead the ceremony of release, where we created a circle of power and all the participants brought their paper-written homework, which was burned by the end of the night, and later the ashes met the winds of the desert. I also taught the introduction to Conscious Nourishment… It was such a powerful lecture and meditation. After such preparation and intention, everybody was deeply resonating with the subject, asking numerous questions and swallowing the knowledge… And I am always in a great bliss cooking organic vegan meals! Yummy Retreat is was!!!


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