My PassOver 2016

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My PassOver 2016


I still can’t believe I did it. A Passover Ceremony (Layla Seder). Fortunately enough it was a very free-of-dogmas easy style, not a full traditional Agada reading, beautiful company and place but still…


Over a decade ago I chose to apply a practice of non-celebration of any collective national events (except personal ones like birthdays etc.). No New Years, Passovers, Christmases, Halloweens, etc.. The reason is very simple. Each holiday is the creation of an energy vortex that plugs into a particular egregore of that particular event. Most of these collective events have deep religious roots. Today we are mostly unconscious of that, but observing very carefully the behavior on these days you can see nothing but pure madness (just on the day of Passover i was criticized on the way back from a local Russian shop by the man who saw me carrying bread in a shopping bag. Was that his personal opinion – or he behaved on behalf of the giant jewish egregore that dictates diminishing people who behave ‘differently’?…). I am not only talking about the other – i also recocnize that inside of me – remembering years and years when I, influenced by the collective madness, was spending hours in the kitchen cooking things I didn’t like myself, hours next to the closet choosing what to wear and then evenings drinking alcohol that i would never choose drinking when alone, and talking empty talks for hours just to fill the inner emptiness of all that vortex’s madness.


I want to be MySelf – and an effective tool, which is minimizing the influence of strong egregores, can be very helpful on the way. I love staying home when most of the people are getting together, feeding energy creatures and thinking it is their free choice.
My PassOver 2016


But this year something different happened. The flow of circumstances brought me to the Passover ceremony celebrated by the most diverse company – a rabbi, tantric people, musicians, alternative therapists… Israelis, NewZealanders, Americans, French, Uruguayan … Almost all the traditional part was skipped, just drinking wine and hiding ‘afikoman’ for children was there. I am still not quite sure weather most of the people did it seriously or just took it as a reason to get together. Why all that happened in my life I am still figuring out, but, bottom line – when done with ones who live in spirit it does feel like Home <3


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