Parasite Cleanse – Do It YourSelf!

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The subject of parasites is highly underestimated by both health and awareness speakers. In these two fields these alien to humans species have pretty much taken over, without us noticing the intrusion. I could elaborate hours on both the physical and consciousness aspects of parasite invasion, but the bottom line of this little article is simple – lets treat ourselves and do parasite detox!

There are many ways to do the cleanse. Numerous kinds of these species find their new homes in different parts of the human body. In this article I am focusing on the primary way of cleanse – intestinal. Here I am providing simple recipes for YOU to make at home or ask your local herbalist to help you. It is truly very easy – you just gotta go to a local spices shop and bring this list. Combine the components and Do IT. Never been easier!

The most effective way to DO IT is to have a triple treatment:

1. drinking bitter tea

2. eating bitter herbal powder

3. drinking bitter tincture

So, here is the list of the most popular anti-parasite herbs that are easy to get in any spices shop around the world. Same herbs are used for both POWDER and TEA. Bitter you can purchase in most of the drug stores or contact us for a recepie or purchase.

The first four herbs are the main ones, and are to be about 80% of the whole blend, 20% each:

-Tanacetum (tansy)



-Dill seeds

The rest of components are complementory, they are strengthening the power of main four above, the proportion is not that important:

-Nigella sativa (black cumin)

-Ajwain (ajowan Trachyspermum ammi, Ajowan caraway, bishop’s weed or carom)


-Black pepper

-Black mustard seeds

-Fenugreek (be aware that it brings a rather strong body scent!)

-Celery seeds

– Eucaliptus leaves

– Sage leaves

– Pomegranate skins (organic is very important!)

– Cinnamon

– Walnut leaves

-Black walnut leaves and nuts

-Aspen bark

-Oak bark

-Buckthorn bark

-Weeping willow bark

-Bay leaves

-Calendula flowers

-Nettle root and leaves

-Calamus (sweet flag) root

-Sunflower root

-Elecampane – inula helenium – horse-heal or marchalan

-Angelica leaves and root

-Plantain or fleawort (a common weed, not a banana fruit that shares same name)

-Equisetum (horsetail, snake grass, puzzlegrass)

-Amaranth seeds

-Milk thistle seeds

-Savory leaves

-Ginger root

-Cayene or Chilli Pepper

All the ingredients have to to be finely grinded in a coffee grinder, sifted through the sieve in order to get rid of big particles, blended, and stored in a glass jar.

Take this powder 2-3- times a day, about half an hour before food, followed by half glass of water. In order to avoid strong detox reactions, start with a quarter spoon twice a day. If you do not feel any change, increase the amount to a full tea spoon.

The detox process may be done from 21 days to one month, and it requires about 100 gramm of the herbal bitter powder, 200-300 gramm of herbal bitter tea blend and 100ml of herbal bitter tincture.


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3 Responses

  1. Gilma

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful site, Julia! Very nice design, beautiful colors. I feel that text is coming from your heart, and that is very important! In addition, the articles are easy to read and understand and most important – so INSPIRING! Great job, continue this and lots of luck to you!!! You’re amazing!

    • Julia

      Thank You Gilma for a heart-centered comment!!! Very happy You enjoyed reading, will keep on writing to share the gifts of this World. Much Love!!!

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