The Story of Women Transformational Weekend Retreat

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It’s been over two weeks since we went through this profound experience. The free style Women’s Weekend. Wow! What a journey!

To start, I want to state that I am the happiest woman on this planet. No exaggeration, I am – and I have everything that is needed to Be what I am. Receiving happiness from every molecule of existence and spreading it around. People are feeling it. And as a consequence of this state I received an invitation to lead this female retreat. Together with the organizer we created a beautiful deep transforming flow of workshops and journeys. I invited beautiful sister Zola to join and teach her wisdom of temple dance. Everything seemed perfect. But for some reason the organization was not effective enough and we did not have enough people that signed for the process. I wanted to cancel the event, and asked my organizer to call those who did sign for it to apologize for the situation. And guess what? All those women who did sign in, insisted for this thing to happen! So, we found a perfect solution. The retreat was going to happen in a free flow mode, no strict schedule, no guest teacher, simple food and so on. Everybody was super excited to jump into the free and intimate flow of Our Selves!

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So, here we were – a group of gorgeous women, gathering in Tel Aviv and heading up north to my beautiful mountain, stopping at the biggest and craziest Faisel Market on the way to get some food for the weekend. Important tip – if you ever end up traveling in Western Galilee – it’s a must to go there, just for the sake of cultural shopping experience. Truly, this looks like an enormous hangar, all filled with freshest fruits and vegetables that are coming directly from the local fields and orchards. These guys don’t even have fridges – so many people are coming there, that there is simply no need to have them! My girls went crazy with all these vibrant presents of nature – and finally we left the place with big smiles and even bigger boxes. Perfect beginning!




Once we arrived to the community (the retreat took place in the mountain where I live, which is an eco-artist-spirit community). The girls set up their spots and took a breath from a long ride. We quietly enjoyed the stunning sunset together – words seemed odd and unnecessary. We arrived to the silence of nature and now we were ready to meet the silence within OurSelves.



Darkness gave us a hug, and we finally entered my sacred space, the beautiful yurt I live in. Gratitude and endless happiness that this absolutely pure and vibrating house hosted this female circle. The intention was that it would serve every one with its beauty, tranquility and simplicity. We lit up the candles, burned incense, made tea out of sage that grows outside… and set in an absolutely silent circle… minutes, hours… felt so unnecessary to open mouth and utter words.




Here we were – women of different ages, different professions, stories, religions, cultures… and we breathed Oneness. And this is not just poetic words – we deeply felt it – each one of us: intention, desire, space, time – to feel and experience all of it as the Goddess, Shakti, all aspects of She. Together. This circle has always been, regardless of geography and century. We just re-created it in this particular meeting of time&space – but it’s always been there. And it will All~Ways BE. And you, all women of this planet, are very welcome to connect to it. Every time you need any help or support from Her – be it a mother, a sister, a daughter… the archetype of the Female is there, inside each one of us!

Slowly we started sharing words – our personal stories, mind movies, requests, visions… And we set up the intent for the retreat.

And as we said – we originally planned to have no plans. We just had multiple ideas: to start next morning with yoga flow, then going to the nearby village to visit a magical organic garden and the cutest cafe in the world, then going to the lake, having a class in conscious food preparation, lecture on femaleness in ancient traditions, meditation, aromatherapy class with preparation of own natural perfume, and much more… Full two days of meeting new faces of OneSelves, teaching and learning from each other. I went to sleep with a big smile and in full Bliss.

And here is a famous joke – if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. That is about us – even though we kind of had no plan, but I guess deep inside we did.

It went like this. After the morning practice, just before we were ready to hit the road, one of the girls stood up sharply from deep meditation, suffered a blackout and simply fell back with her head straight on a rock. The true Shakti power was in absolute action few moments later – here we were, two full cars of girls going to the hospital to support the sister. All for One and One for All! That was quite a roller coaster trip! The girl was fully bleeding, we went to the emergency department, got her a wheel chair, quickly got the bed in one of the rooms. The doctor received her within a relatively short amount of time, then they checked her in the huge spaceship machine. By the end of that hospital marathon she could already walk slowly, and we left the place in full gratitude that it’s been so easy, smooth and nothing serious happened to our dear sister.




Here I would love to give a BIG THANKS to our beloved system, matrix, society, government, nation… whatever you may call it. Sometimes in the ‘spiritual’ circles and the New Age discourse generally, we tremendously underestimate what we already have. Yes, I agree, the modern medical system has nothing to do with holistic approach to human body and mind, its full of greed for monetary profits and so on. BUT! When such case as trauma and injury comes, they are here to serve us. And we are here to be grateful for it, to bless their uneasy work, and to spread this gratitude all over!

Wow, I guess I wrote two pages already. Will try to make the ending short. Yes, we did have an unexpected, and full on inner and outer journey all together. Dear sister was pretty immobile, so we gathered around her. We made food circle next to her bed, had all workshops, lectures and talking circle next to her. No words for the gratitude of this experience. All for One and One for All – just like in the old good fairy tale. And we all took this 3-day-fairy-tale in our hearts, applying it to our daily lives, inspiring others, and never forgetting that there is a place in the heart were we all meet – and it can be discovered right Here and right Now. All~Ways!


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