Svarga Retreat – The Story of Unfolding Self-Perfection

Here I am – sitting on a meditation bench in front of the computer in my silent cozy yurt. It’s almost midnight. Jackals and dogs are singing lullabies somewhere around. Peace… Little tired, but absolutely happy and satisfied! Svarga retreat is in the past now and I am happy to take a moment and share the story.

The process for this retreat started over 5 years ago. That is when, hungry for knowledge, I was wondering through endless internet space looking for a ‘real thing’. It came to me in the form of a simple, but not easy technique called The Cosmic Awakening. A young Russian guy, Dima Lapshinov, showed the flow of exercises, which ,combined several traditions. He did it in a logical, intellectual, and at the same time very high vibrational way. I started practicing it and had great results: lighter and much more flexible physical body, higher level of energy, sharper and deeper concentrational level. Unfortunately, after several months my life took me on a roller-coaster (justifications and pleas…), and what once was an everyday dedicated practice, slowly faded away into just few exercises once in a while …

Few years passed. I almost forgot about it. And here she is, my beautiful enlightened friend Yulia, coming back from India and desperately looking for the next step. Intuitively, this technique came up from the hidden part of the brain. It is so multidimensional, and it covers both physical body, energetic structure, and if doing it precisely right, takes one to a deeper level of Self … The system is very dynamic, so by this time it had much deeper and connected exercises and even a different name – now it is called Svarga.




Memories of the past came up, and we started practicing it again. Yulia, being a super apt student, took the practice one step further. She went to the retreat in Russia where the system was born, and became a certified teacher.

That’s how the first Israeli Svarga month long course was born. Twice a week, we have been going in depth from one exercise to another – learning, doing, breathing and growing our selves. And as a culmination of the process the retreat was born. We wanted to make the group stronger, create a collective intention of growing internally and externally together, and just to enjoy 3 full days in nature and practice together. And, of course, my beautiful Adama community was the place to do it!




The best news was that we just finished building the House of Creation – a new huge house that was intended only for the purpose of creation of any kind. Pottery and music studios, eco-building projects – all are under one roof. And, most importantly – there is a huge space that is ideal for yoga classes and any transformational processes. Abundance! And I feel so honored to host the first big retreat there.

The Day has come. After all the organizational routines, finally people started to arrive. It was a great present to see people’s eyes looking around and wowing about every little detail. For most of them it was the first time visiting an eco community. Silence of nature, compost toilets, outside showers, vegan kitchen – all this was a bit of a shock for our dear participants, even for those are into ‘spiritual’ and urban lifestyle.




The first day Yulia taught only one Svarga class, and then we had a great dinner time. Needless to say, I had the best time ever doing what I love and know to do so well – cooking and teaching conscious kitchen and conscious eating. The space was more than inviting – I could prepare food and people were sitting above me – watching, listening, asking questions. Pure Bliss! In the night we had a cozy bonfire and a cacao ceremony, and here was a real surprise – Sasha, one of the participants, took out his guitar. And wow – that was a unique fusion of Russian music and Hebrew lyrics. This guy definitely should get a huge stage for bringing his message of harmoniously combining such different cultures in his songs.




The second day was a full power journey – practicing from 6 in the morning to about 8 in the night. Everything was an effortless flow of doing, resting, being, doing again … The surprise from my Beloved Pepe, who is a huge present of himself – he brought the whole orchestra of instruments for a Sound Healing session. Interestingly enough, non of the participants had ever experienced that kind of healing/journey before. People left the space walking an inch above the surface. No words …




The last day was as good as the previous ones. Even though the second day was super intense, people were ready to get up at 6 am and continue the practice in full commitment. And even though a few of them were half asleep from the sun and the intensity of practice, the spirit of the group held the energy together. The culmination was a sharing circle, and here I am not shy to say that both me and Yulia were in tears from the depth of gratitude we received from everyone.




Next week I am leaving Israel for a big journey. And it feels like one more circle and one more family has been created. To leave it behind in the three dimensional “reality”, and to keep in my heart in a ‘true’, timeless place. Every day, every breath, every practice session – we lift each other up, higher and higher…


For More moments from this Retreat Welcome to Surf Here:


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2 Responses

  1. Yulia

    My beloved sis! You are SOO inspiring, thank you for this article!! I feel like I have experienced this amazing time once again. Thanks so much for your huge contribution to this event and for making it so special! All the participants enjoyed so much your yummy food and your workshop was so special and loaded with useful tips. I loved it!! You are the best partner and a friend. Aaaaaaaand
    we should do it AGAIN!!!! 😀

    • Julia

      Thank You for the beautiful comment!! and – Yes we should!! Any moves in that direction? 😉

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