Sense Adventure in Prague – story of a WorkShop

Life is a constant chain of surprises, and here is another one: we were invited to a festival in Czech Republic, got tickets, and the festival was canceled! So, we had three days in Prague without any concrete plan… And guess what – in Greece, where we stayed right before, we met Katarina, who invited us to hold the “Sense Adventure” event in her most exquisite art gallery in the heart of Prague.

Katarina is one of the most extraordinary artists in every sense. She lives without time. She refuses to use words like ‘hours’ or ‘minutes’, and when they are really needed (when having appointments etc.), she uses ‘olives’ instead.

Katarina loves the sea and the beach, but she lives in the centre of the city, just next to Karlov Bridge (and if you have ever been to Prague, you might know how much centre it is).

So, wanting to live on the beach very much, Katarina decided that she is going to create a beach in her studio! She brought marble sand, drew the sun on the wall, brought very special geodesian water structures, and voila – there is a beach in the heart of Prague! There is also a beautiful little cafe, outside yard, her studio and two gallery spaces. Magical world in itself!

And that is where we created the journey. Because it was a last moment idea, we did have only about 20 people. We started with exploring sense of taste. Gathered in the ‘beach’ area, we could have absolute silence – which is a miracle, taking into consideration that there is a river of tourists just outside the gate.

After a short presentation, we went into food meditation – one of my favorite things to share. People, as always, had very diverse experiences that they shared in the circle. After the practice the group could taste the few yummies that we prepared from the freshest earth gifts from the farmers market.

After the break we went to the world of sound and sense of smell. This part took place in an outside patio. Pepe and a cello player that he invited literally embraced the whole space with the magic of Japanese shakuhachi, cello, kantele and bells. I used incenses from all around the world, one after another, depending on the vibe of musical theme.

After this magical night was over, most of the participants stayed for quite a while just to share with us and each other, drink some wine and just enjoy the Being as It Is. Pure Bliss!



For More Moments from the Retreat please go Here:

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