Gara Vasara Journey ~ the Blissful Being. Latvia 2016

Finally I am creating a moment to sit and share about my favorite festival in the World. This baby of Bhavani and Juris truly is one of the purest events ever, and it changed my life ForEver, when I went there in 2013, without any exaggeration!

This time I came there from Greece, where I was part of Sound&Silence festival and Silent Music retreat. It was a very special event, and a place that was close to paradise on earth, so leaving that situation was not an easy thing… But I knew that going to Gara Vasara is basically going to another paradise, and one with old friends, which makes it all that much sweeter!!

There is something about Latvia that cannot be described in words. She is the one that carries one of the most connected nations ever. Almost every one that I met there is a shaman, gardener, artist, herbalist and so on – regardless the profession and everyday activity. And coming there is like meeting another me in every face…

Gara Vasara changed the format this year, and it was like this: 5 days of intimate (only about 80 people) journey, and then 3 days of open big festival (around 300 people). From early (6 am) morning yoga practices, and then workshops, to concerts in the evening.

I gave three workshops there – Tantra with Pepe, Food of Love, and Conscious Nourishment.

Tantra was lots of fun. As I already wrote, we do not teach Tantra through sexual connection. Actually, quite the opposite – we go deep within, in both serious and fun ways. So we started from a long talk about the situation of Tantra as taught in the West, as opposed to Tantra as taught in ancient scriptures.

Then, after a short physical and energetic warm up, we went on a chakra journey, breathing exercises, ecstatic dance with Pepe‘s crazy drumming, and then into relaxation with sound healing elements and aroma therapy. People just flew as clouds from the space that was collectively created!

Food of Love was intended as a workshop that combines the realms of food and sexuality. As the festivals journey had themes for each day, and that was a ‘Tantric’ day, so the workShop was designed to go into sexuality and food. But while the workShop was going on, we opened the most fundamental topic of Self Love & Food. Most of the participants were women, and we tend to have issues with food – almost All of us! This process was very very open – I am always amazed how people who come to workshops in the framework of festivals still feel secure in the space created, and open up their deepest secrets, inner conflicts, ask profound questions… This time I used fresh cacao beans for the food journey – apparently it was the first time tasting the bean for most of the group members! What a surprise!

Conscious Nourishment happened in the last days when extra people joined the festival, so I could hardly fit people in the space. I was a bit worried, because usually it is easier to open up and go through meditational food journey in an intimate environment. Also there were different language groups, so it felt like translation could take focus from the flow. But what happened was absolute harmonious flight into the worlds of food. The lecture was quite short, because I opened space for questions that were very beneficial for both questioners and the rest of audience, meditation – this time with Schisandra berries – was absolutely incredible! To go through the conscious tasting trip with a 5-taste berry is truly a mind altering experience!!

And, of course, nights filled with music, masala chai, smells of apple trees and so many old and new friends…Gara Vasara – forEver in my heart!!!



For More Moments from the Retreat please go Here:


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2 Responses

  1. INDRE

    GaraVasara – the most cosy and warm festival I had opportunity to participate. One of those gatherings, where I truly got an important information, where I could learn new things. Thanks tu Bhavani and Juris for this gift!
    Julia, thank you for the Blog you are writing here – its very interesting to read and also I’m enjoying a lot the photos there! Buy the way – will you write your experience in Corfu Island (Greece), at the Sound&Silence Festival and Silent Music Retreat? I’m very curios 😉
    I went quickly trough all your website and found a lot of interesting information. Slowly slowly I will read everything there! 🙂
    Enjoy your journey <3

    • Julia

      Indre dear! Thank you so much for a long heart centered comment!! Yes, I plan to write about Greece too, once we are gone with this crazy tour. Was so good to spend time with you there, and hope we see each other again very soon!!!

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