Yes to Stress!

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or The Story of 4 Natural Stresses that make life more effective (if You practice them!)

This may sound ridiculous, but there are natural stresses that have always been part of human life throughout history, and have been completely eliminated by modern world. Bringing them back ‘artificially’, we can return to our natural state, make life more aware and effective, our physical body stronger, and fill each day with deeper joy and bliss. All this by going through natural stress consciously!

So, here are 4 natural stresses:

  1. Food Stress. Yogic traditions say that a human can eat about 40 tons of food per lifetime. And we are to decide whether to use this resource in 60 or 120 years. Natural fasting, or food stress, has been a reality since the beginning of humankind. Today we can use conscious fasting (even one day a week would be great!) as healing food stress for the body. This process will create space for the physical body to get rid of toxins naturally and to activate its hidden resources. If fasting sound like hard core for you, just go for lighter, natural whole foods, raw foods, eating smaller portions and reducing heavy food, at least couple times a week.
  2. Water Stress. Having a tub where we have water every given moment has not been a given fact for most of our historical time. Being without water, seasonally, for example, has been an organic state for humans, animals and plants since the beginning of times. Having ‘dry fasting’ days, or fasting without taking both food and water is considered 7 times more effective than fasting while taking liquids. So, Conscious water limitation for certain amounts of time (of course, considering physical condition) is a strong and effective tool for self perfection.
  3. Breathing Stress. Again, most of the ancient traditions have practices of reducing air consumption – yogic pranayamas and other breathing techniques are training the body to function with little or no air for extended periods of time. It is a known fact that stopping breathing makes the physical body produce chemicals that make it more vital and strong. Interesting fact – all the freedivers I know are absolutely happy and positive people, because 100% of them are using techniques of breath deprivation. Here I would suggest checking with Buteyko method as well. Start bringing natural breathing stress into your life – it is a quick and effective method of aware evolution that enhances clarity of mind, brings the whole being into positiveness and purifies the physical body on a cellular level.
  4. Threat to Life Stress. This one used to be an inevitable part of wilderness life – claws of a tiger, teeth of sharks, streams of white waters, rocky mountains – wild parts of nature made humans go through deep stress in both the physical and emotional realms. The human body does remember each stress it has gone through, and it evolves from it. Nature is full of stress – even two trees growing together – one will be bigger and stronger, fighting to get more sun and water, and thus going through a kind of stress. Today we have cars instead of running and walking on uneven surfaces, we have processed foods instead of growing our own or hunting, we use air conditioners and offices instead of being all day in the fresh air environment. By bringing an aware natural stress, by doing extreme sports, or even some hill climbing or jumping into a river with strong stream and swimming against it, we can make our brains and bodies operate in a different mode, thus creating new connections on a neuron brain level, developing it, and therefore, evolving in several levels at the same time.

So, welcome to the idea of the natural stresses as a conscious method to grow Your Self!

Human beings have a potential that we are hardly aware of. What we do as a collective is digging a grave with our own spoons and forks, making garbage bins our of our own physical bodies. We have no idea how to breathe in a body-friendly way, and we live life in artificial cement and asphalt environments. All this without even noticing how unnatural and harmful it is!

By consciously practicing natural stress in our everyday life, limiting ourselves in the habitual pleasures, remembering that Less is More, we are opening and widening Our Selves to newer, wider and deeper beings. So – Yes to Stress!

P.S. Here are the fun stresses I did to shake up all the bodies altogether:

Pravilo – is a traditional Slavic device that has been used ever since the beginning of this culture to stretch the body and challenge the spirit. I know, it looks like a sadomasochistic tool, but it is very far from that. One day I will write a story just about this long forgotten spaceship.


Bed of Nails – very strong acupuncture method that challenges fear and completely eliminates inner dialogue. Took a close up photo just to make sure how to make this on my own one day.




And, of course, Bungee Jumping – the best way to look right into the eyes of own hidden fears and challenge all of them. I was sweating like crazy but yes – I did it!!!

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