Sacred Medicine Retreat: Krakova in Krakow

I am on tour with Herbert Quinteros who invited me to be a part of his European and Baltic tour. This is the beauty of the modern globalization where we dance and share our gifts with each other and the world! Music, sacred medicine, zen meditation, chakra practices, sound healing, food medicine, healing plants and aromas, art creation, nature and circles…

It truly was a dream for me to be a part of such powerful process, and especially in the role of a teacher and space holder. With infinite gratitude and appreciation, and of course excitement, I was getting ready for this trip to Poland, and a day before going to the airport I received tickets – and they were to Krakow!! Imagine my huge eyes the moment I saw tickets to the city that has my name!! Needless to say, I have never been to that city, and unfortunately we went straight to the retreat center, so I did not see Krakow upon arrival. Deep inside I made a wish to stay and see the best of it, and little did I know about what is gonna happen to me (but this one is a different story)!


So, we arrived late at night, and all 30 participants were already waiting for us in a circle. Exhausted from the long trip, we thought we will go directly in the room and hide, but here we are – opening the retreat and activating the space at midnight! And that was such a right thing to do – the group got to know each other better, and we already went into the energy of oneness and unity.

The space of the retreat, ‘Mandala’, also deserves a few separate words – it definitely won a price for the coziest place I have ever taught in. Situated deep in the forest, with just a few long distance neighbor houses in the area, it had everything one can possible wish for any group process. Made out of wood, it is a huge 4 levels mansion, with 2 private bedrooms for teachers and 5 to 10 shared bedrooms for participants. On the first floor there is a huge common space where the activities take place. Next to it 4 (!!!) toilets, each has also shower inside! Very cozy kitchen with tea space separate (as a cook I appreciate so much when people don’t have to enter every time they want to wash hands or heat the water!)… And a huge porch with a view of the mountains… Divine!


So, we went into a 4 day process, and that was pretty much a full life in itself! We laughed and cried, we talked and kept silence, we danced and experienced deep stillness, we ate (the cook was a true master of variety!) and we fasted (for the ceremonies), we enjoyed the great space of the mansion and we walked into the forests, we played music and sung songs from all around the world… Celebration of Life was this retreat – in all its colors and shapes!

My teachings were received with great understanding! Actually the interesting part is that after leaving (and I am writing this about two weeks after the retreat is finished), I am still receiving letters of gratitude and process sharings. This makes me feel even deeper that no matter what we do – ceremonies, hi-tech jobs or kindergarten caring, food issues are always there – and there is always space to improve! We can take eating as an everyday practice and thus, no matter what we do, there will always be conscious transformation of life’s fractals!!!


I express enough gratitude to Herbert, Beni and Pepe for making all this happen. For the wisdom of the jungle, for the wisdom of the medicine, for the wisdom. Just wisdom. It is always bigger then we are. And it is always here – to be in us, for us, to inspire, guide and make this whole life story a True Path!



For More Moments from the Retreat please go Here:

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