The Secret of Two Magic Points

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…or How to rise the awareness, overcome stress and help with any difficult situation in less then a minute!

Most of us do not even notice how much physical tension we are carrying in our daily reality. Being stuck in traffic jams, being trapped in an office reality, talking to not-so-pleasant human beings, or simply entertaining a negative thought . Even those who live a so-called ‘free’ lifestyle, not attached to any particular social framework, also carry infinite blockages, muscle tension, sometimes even carried over from childhood (or past life times?). I often notice in my private practice that quite a lot of time is needed to connect between the person and his/her body. So, what can we do in order to be relaxed and connected to our physical body?

Here I am sharing a super short, very much workable and very simple magical tip to come back to a perfect body state in a blink of an eye!

Often in guided meditations, healing processes, or hypnosis, it is common to start with full relaxation, and often the guide will take one through the whole anatomical book, part by part, sometimes going into quite a long journey from tips of the toes to the top of the head. Relaxation is indeed an art and a deep journey. One has to be an artist to know how to relax deeply and immediately when needed.

So, here are just two fundamental points. Focusing on them the whole body gets fully relaxed. They are the key notes of the symphony that is a human body. In several ancient traditions we find a detailed description of this simple relaxation technique of 2 magic points :

-Area of the Third Eye – about two centimeters inside the head
-Anal Area – about two centimeters inside the body

The technique is much simpler then you might think – just focus your attention on these spots and observe how they naturally relax. These points are keys to the whole body. When they are relaxed, the whole body gets balanced. This is a ‘secret’ knowledge of our ancestors. They used it to connect to deeper realms of themselves and the worlds inside and outside.

It is a great skill to know how to relax deeply and quickly. Deep calmness and tranquility of both the physical body and state of mind are the dream of millions of people. To get there is a life-time adventure. I propose a shortcut – just constantly connect to these two magical points in the body during the day.

What one has to do is just to send your attention and observation into these two magical points and make sure they are fully relaxed! How easy is that?!

A special find that I have discovered, practicing these two point relaxation on a daily basis, is that it deeply influences the process of eating, making it more conscious and joyful!

Little Practical Tip: Scan Your body before having a first bite of any meal! While or instead of food prayer You are welcome to concentrate on the physical body and make sure these two magical points are relaxed. Then, while eating, come back to the points and observe how the body reacts to your thoughts and intentions. Enjoy!

The bottom line of the story – seriously try to make this little practice of observing and relaxing these two magic points Your Daily Reality. And let this lead You to the absolute mastery of relaxing Your precious body when ever you consciously wish to make so. And then … be ready to receive the presents from the Universe!

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2 Responses

  1. Yula

    Julia, amazing stuff! Especially I like your tip about remembering to relax these magical points before eating. Such easy and quick method to increase mindfulness! Thank you!!

  2. Liubov

    I am trying to remember it – not an easy mission to keep it in mind during the day and every day…

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