Touch to Live – Live to Touch!

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I wake up in darkness perceiving my body in a different state… my beloved’s hand is playing with my hair, then traveling onto my shoulder, moving slowly to the arms, to the back… He is hardly touching me, just with the tips of the fingers, and with the waves of energy that are coming out… My whole essence is trembling within. This subtle contact is penetrating my whole body and beyond. It is sending me into other dimensions… It is making the heart (and not only!) grow bigger and the soul sing. This touch is beyond sexual, beyond human… There is something else in it…

-How are you doing this, darling?!
– I just Love You…

…Touch is one of the senses that is normally taken for granted by most of us. Just ask YourSelf: What kind of energy is invested while one is touching or being touched? From where does the intention come when one touches the other? Is it possible to locate the source of intention of the touch? Are you aware of the quality of touch while you are touching others or being touched yourself?

Here is a little experimental exercise: imagine touching a baby while holding it. Now imagine punishing with a slap a 5-year old when he’s behaving improperly. And now, please, imagine touching the one you are in love with, or an old dying member of the family who you want to support.

touch to live

Touch is fundamental for almost every relationship. Observe YourSelf and others in clothing stores – how people are touching fabrics and the materials of the clothes… how they are, sometimes sharply, and sometimes for quite a while, feeling with full hands on the shirt… sometimes even touching it with the face (specially silks or Kashmir shawls). From childhood we develop a habit of touching leaves, flowers, grass and branches. There is so much we can learn (mostly unconsciously) from just touching the World…

Sometimes one might feel like we don’t want to be touched by particular people, or even people in general. Actually, it is a pretty common thing. In our western society, which is full of moralities, ethics and cultural diversities, it is a common and polite thing to make sure that one is ok when wanting to hug or even touch someones shoulder.

Interestingly, but sadly enough, we, as a society, don’t know how to touch properly and consciously. Nobody teaches the anatomy and versatility of touch in school, as well as of taste, smell, or hearing. This simple (at first sight) act is not as simple as it seems.

The sense of Touch also creates Emotional Anchors. We associate different types of touch with different emotions. This means that when one receives a pleasant touch, or is pleased by touching another, we experience a pleasant emotion towards the person generally as well. So, by touching correctly we can consciously establish a positive level of connection with each other.

live to touch

And here comes the most interesting practical part: How to Learn Touching:

~ Notice if the touch is an act of inner desire or it is conditioned by circumstances. Many relationships are being destroyed just because partners forget about the importance of touching consciously each other on a daily basis. Intentionally – to send love to each other by physical touch is a crucial aspect of relating. Make touching your partner a spiritual practice: touch when sitting at the table before eating, hold hands when walking, even when there is a need to start a conversation – a gentle touch can be a beautiful substitute to “Hey, listen!” words… Basically, the more physical touch there is between two people, the deeper the connection itself.

~ Practice Awareness of Touch: Try to remember the moment you touch somebody or being touched. Scan YourSelf, the physical body, in the moment you are touching someone: How does the touch feel on the surface of the skin and inside the body? Send focused attention to the area being touched. Then observe the sensation, first on the surface of the skin, then deeper – about a centimeter inside the body, then… even deeper. Does this feel pleasant or not? Warm or cold? Soft or spiky? To which chakra or several chakras this touch belongs? Does this touch penetrate your heart? Arouse sexual feelings? Awakens a celestial sensation? Or maybe it diminishes and makes you feel weak and unworthy?

~ Chakra Touch. For those who are acquainted with the basic Hindu chakra system – apply the knowledge of chakra functions to the awareness in the Moment – from which chakra are you touching a person?!

These methods, if practiced on daily basis, can seriously raise the level of awareness and widen our experience in the human body – your only home in this Here & Now.

Touch connects both physical bodies and inner souls. Sometimes it can be taken in a sexual direction, but also a light touch between a customer and a waiter on the shoulder or arm may create a more trustful and comfortable relationship, and make the experience of this short interaction a very pleasant and heart-centered one.

live to touch

So… practice touching as many people a day as possible when appropriate, and do it consciously. Observe the touch. Learn the touch. And believe me – an upgrade to What You Are will definitely manifest!

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