STEPS TO SELF Interviews: Dr. Bronner’s World

STEPS TO SELF Interviews: Dr. Bronner’s World

Steps to Self is a project to inspire, motivate and share the beautiful processes and ideas of unique and creative people. Some are personal stories, some are collective or tribal. Each of us is the one and only being, and that is a true gift – to be able to share that uniqueness with others. So, in “Steps to Self” I am collecting stories and sharing them with You. Enjoy!

Shai Friedman is an exquisitely interesting man whom I met while looking for a ride to the big city. On the journey we exchanged a pretty obvious “Who are you” and “What you are doing in life” small talk things. And in a short time I discovered that Shai is the distributor of the biggest natural soap company Dr. Bronner’s in Israel. I create soaps myself (my soaps are solid). And my Beloved does love liquid ones – so we do have Dr. Bronner’s in the shower. I got very excited about meeting someone that close to the famous family business, and had to turn the camera on to let this story fly  – so, Enjoy IT !




Sorry for the sound quality – it is getting better after few minutes, I promise! I am still learning this stuff …



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