STEPS TO SELF Interviews: Urban Warrior & Re-Birthing Pioneer

Steps to Self is a project that shares the beautiful processes and ideas of unique and creative people. Some are personal stories, some are collective or tribal. Each of us is the one and only being, and that is a true gift – to be able to share that uniqueness with others. So, in “Steps to Self” I am collecting stories and sharing them with You. Enjoy!

Michal Barzel Cohen – is a true Urban Warrior and the Re-Birthing Pioneer of Israel. First time I met her more then 10 years ago while working in the local newspaper. I interviewed Michal as a founder and leader of the volunteers movement called “Green Not Cement”. She is standing against municipality, government, corporations and other big guys who build endless skyscrapers and take last remains of green spots downtown Tel Aviv, Israel. Thanks to her unimaginable efforts today there are parks and gardens with at least a bit of fresh air, little ponds with golden fishes and a bunch of grateful people in the area.

Over 30 years she has been practicing and teaching Re-Birthing conscious breathwork technique worldwide. Here is what Michal says about herself: “I love life and am thankful for everything, especially for the sea in the early morning – amazing… I enjoy and cherish my beloved work , being a Rebirther, leading private and group sessions, practicing Re-Birthing for over 37 years, and I am thankful and full of love for my family”. Here is Michal’s website where you can find lots of info about her work and Re-Birthing in general.



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