STEPS TO SELF Interviews: Healing with Astral Worlds Entities!! Fernando Rangel

I met Fernando very spontaneously on my first days in Norway, Oslo. We had a small casual conversation, and I just couldn’t not switch on my camera – his stories were truly mesmerizing!! Born in Brazil, had his Vedic ashram there, then married a Norwegian woman and ended up in Norway. After several years of living there he discovered the connection with the creatures from the astral worlds and since then his life has never been the same. Fernando connects people to the astral worlds. These beings are the elementals of the people, they are part of us. And Fernando makes a connection between the astral elementals and people through dreaming. This can sound like sci-fi, but it actually works. He can even heal people who don’t know they are being healed (when family come for help for example) or heal at a long distance. This knowledge is not something we can learn from books, but comes from lots of knowledge and experience. Amazing and inspiring story!!

STEPS TO SELF is a project to share the beautiful processes and ideas of unique and creative people with hope to inspire and motivate on the way. Some are personal stories, some are collective or tribal. Each of us is the one and only being, and that is a true gift – to be able to share that uniqueness with others. So, in “Steps to Self” I am collecting stories and sharing them with You.



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