Story of Zen Dinner in Ashdod

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Zen Dinner is on the Road! This time we are being hosted by Almog Healing Arts Center in Ashdod, south of Israel. The place is very cozy and beautiful. I love their bright green walls and hospitality of the owner. Her mother comes along, to help and assist in every possible way. Great people!

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After all the preparations we are ready to switch off the lights and go into the Journey of Food and Sound.

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The space changes immediately and it takes a few deep breaths to adjust to the light of the candles.

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The group is absolutely fantastic – even though most of the people are not acquainted with each other, there is a strong feeling of unity and mutual desire to dive deep into the process and be fully Present in Meditation and Listening.

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We are diving all together into Food Meditation – and the level of silence rises to the peak point – I felt like words of guidance are almost unnecessary, and all there is to do is to sit straight, relax, breath and be present in the process of biting, chewing and swallowing pieces of food.

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After the meditation we have served the meal. There was one unusual case – a Moroccan woman refused to eat, whispering to my ear that she is unable to eat in darkness. Candles and salt lamps did not help her. And, honestly, she did not look disappointed – in the end she opened up and said that the reason she came to Zen Dinner was to listen to the divine flute of Shakuhachi, and the food was ‘too healthy’ for her anyway 🙂

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After the Meal we had very very open-hearted sharings! The openness of people touches me so much, that even now, few days later, I am still vibrating with this Precious gift. Many stories from childhood that came up during the meditation, some tears from the vibrations of the Crystal Bowls, some nice sharings of the ideas and impressions from the tastes of food. And we were also surprised to find out that a mother made her daughter a Birthday Present of this unforgettable night. Great gift to share and Love!!

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