STEPS TO SELF Interviews: Peruvian Healing and Universal Music. Herbert Quinteros

I met Herbert in Latvia in the beautiful GaraVasara festival. He was performing every single night, both solos and with other musicians, all of different styles and formats. He harmonically flew with every possible vibes and performances!

Herbert says that “…with the voice of a grand-father and of a child I express the ikaros (trad. healing songs) and medicinal melodies as they manifest themselves to guide us and to bring us centered in our personal work – to the inside and to the outside – perfectly aligned with the universe … each one can heal wounds and drink of the universal wisdom which is talking to us with love vibrations”.

Herbert was born in the city of Tarapoto, Peru. He started his path and his vocation as a healer 15 years ago. He’s been studying about the teacher plants with Amazonian indegenous masters of Shipobo, Cocama, Ashaninca as well as Quechua Mestizo ethnies, based on the traditional rituals. Herbers uses the Andean flute called “quena”, condor feathers, charango, guitar, drumms to acompany his healing work. This lead him to discover the power of music and expression – “music being key to unlock the path of inner connection and healing and a wa to express the heart, soul and body; unity with the use of traditional music”.

STEPS TO SELF is a project to share the beautiful processes and ideas of unique and creative people with hope to inspire and motivate on the way. Some are personal stories, some are collective or tribal. Each of us is the one and only being, and that is a true gift – to be able to share that uniqueness with others. So, in “Steps to Self” I am collecting stories and sharing them with You.



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