STEPS TO SELF Interviews: Touch for Healing and Self-Expression. Avigail Poral

Avigail Porat is a powerful healer and medical massage practitioner. She owns the medical massage clinic near the Clock Square in the old city of Jaffa, where she gives there treatments and workshops for couples and groups.

Avigail tells us a story of her transition into this mission, after working for years in the corporate worlds of NY.

Avigail believes that every person has the ability to heal himself and improve the quality of his life. She came to the massage through her mother’s illness, early in her life, and the immediate need to find a solution to eradicate the spreading disease and reduce pain. During those years she dealt with her mother, was exposed to a world of knowledge and understanding of the body’s ability to rehabilitate itself and bring healing and relaxation. She understood that illness is a creation of man, and by looking inwards at the body and the mind (perceptions, emotions, movement) and creating cooperation with the body, healing processes can be created.

She believes in the close connection between body and mind and deals with touch as a way of healing and self-expression.

Her vision is to promote and nurture awareness and listening to the body in every human being in a space of freedom, joy and self-acceptance.

STEPS TO SELF is a project to share the beautiful processes and ideas of unique and creative people with hope to inspire and motivate on the way. Some are personal stories, some are collective or tribal. Each of us is the one and only being, and that is a true gift – to be able to share that uniqueness with others. So, in “Steps to Self” I am collecting stories and sharing them with You.



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