What do We know about Estonia!?

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I am thinking about my friends all around the world – Israel, California, Europe, India … as well as mySelf – what do we know about this little country of Estonia?!.. Somewhere up north there, in the area of Baltic sea … The population of the whole country is less then any big european city. So, what’s about this country?!..

I was going there without knowing what to expect – another place to visit, so to say. And what I have discovered, touched my so much, that now it’s becoming a part of my diary (that I am writing so rarely these days. Too much Here&Now happening 🙂 )

So, I have arrived to the beautiful resort where I was part of a fun retreat, called “Kids camp for Adults”. It was a 4 day journey with lots of laughter, playfulness, music, dancing and nature. This is what the window view looks like:

krakova estonia (7)

Just letting you know, that this grill thing in the left corner was absolutely untouched – we were fed by Krishna guys, who mastered pure vegetarian cuisine with an Estonian touch to it.

And in that spot I have discovered this alien house. I am so in love with modern portable architecture – and this one seemed like a complete dream little house:

krakova estonia (8)

After the Camp there followed a few events that connected world cultures of shamanic roots. They created Ceremonies of Abundance, Permacultre, Herbalism – the number of witches and shamans was beyond any expectation. How do you guys do that? This left an impression that the whole Estonia is about natural connection to the Earth, nature, animals and rituals, just the way our ancestors did … So pure and untouched by modern vibes. Well, they all have facebook and smartphones, but at the same time they ALL eat organic and know their family trees up to 7th generations… Impressed!

krakova estonia (9)

That was a great dancing around the pole until all the bands are wrapped around in a perfectly pre-planned ornament. Here is a little video:


Very deep-rooted druid or Celtic ritual of connecting to the elements and calling for abundance. Let’s see what it will bring 🙂

krakova estonia (10)

krakova estonia (11)

That one was the most scary one for me – the number of teeth, bones and tales per square centimeter was too much. All these treasures are found in the forest – not a single animal killed. Well, we are all one – with nature, with Death, with all the particles… OM!

krakova estonia (13)

Cold water infused with herbs, berries and god knows what else – great idea, isn’t it?

krakova estonia (26)

Hanging out with local Witches is soooooooo much fun!!

krakova estonia (14)

And this hole is my next “Thing-to-Do” – in the middle of the forest they made these “Burial holes”… basically they are graves. Starting from half and hour or and hour to the all-night-long process or even more … This time it was too busy a schedule, so next time I am planning to go for it seriously. And if You feel like – let me know and I’ll be happy to share the contacts. This place is also full of labyrinths, teepis, sweatlodges and other interesting practices.

krakova estonia (2)

And then the other epic part of the journey started – the magical island of Saaremaa. I didn’t even hear before that Estonia is full of islands, and Saaremaa is the biggest one. With a population of 30.000 people, half of them living in the major city. Everything in this island is magical, but mostly – the emptiness, the silence, the spaciousness … Exactly what’s non-existent in my Israeli life… I am fantasizing of moving in here with my grand-children one day 🙂

krakova estonia (1)

This is how the roads look like – easily an hour drive and 1-2 cars on the way… Dream on, Julia, dream on…

krakova estonia (21)

And the sky, the sky …

krakova estonia (17)

By the way, this island was ABSOLUTELY CLOSED until 1989 – only special permission from the Soviet government could make it possible to enter. So, imagine the level of purity here… And this spot with the light house is one of the strategic points of the island:

krakova estonia (3)

And simple beautiful life looks like this:

krakova estonia (4)

One more thing that touched me was the NAMES of the villages, towns and other places: Hindu, Kaarma, Kaali … As if they are coming from the Sanskrit culture, and blended well with vikings and Slavics. Again – Pure magic!

krakova estonia (22)


krakova estonia (6)

And by the way, Kaali is the village where a meteorite fell on earth around 4000 years ago. The spot looks like a perfect round lake, and its waters are considered highly sacred:

krakova estonia (19)

And the important moment – all this trip happened thanks to my very very old friend Julia (Julia Power!!!). She hosted us in her gorgeous hotel, and also took us on a trip to her wooden factory. They produce lots of interesting stuff – from the whole building constructions to the urns for cremation. Anyone interested?

krakova estonia (15)

krakova estonia (16)

And as a soap maker I also was lucky to meet two collegues:

Heler is a very small but so heart-centered producer and she shared such a beautiful little workshop and her little secrets of soap making:

krakova estonia (18)

And GoodKaarma family have very serious production, they are the first ones on the island, and I even made a little video with them:

And in the end my own witchy story – and it’s about my … shoes. These shoes I have been wearing for … 15 (!!!) years! And they were still ok, except one little thing that cannot be fixed… So, I had to let them go. And because they were soooooo dear to me (we’ve been together all around the world for so many years… a romance, love-story and sad break up), so I had to make our separation in a ritual way. Went to the forest, sung some mantra, dug a hole, put some crystals … Rest in Peace …

krakova estonia (1)


And – of course, me would no be me without exploring all the fields and collecting herbs for the healing purposes – they will dry and fly to Israel for the new creations to happen.

krakova estonia (20)

And best fun and healing if, of course, the sacred ever – Sauna!!!

krakova estonia (5)

And fun, all~ways FUN:

krakova estonia (25)

That was Estonia. Little glimpse to the dream-land. Let’s see if i’ll manage to do the story of the next destination point – Swiss Himalayas, here I come!

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