The story of how I showed up on central Israeli TV

In the words of the great Andy Warhol’s: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. And it looks like I am already living and experiencing the future. Luckily enough – just for “15 minutes”. And more correctly – for just a couple of months, even though when walking the streets of Tel Aviv, I am still being recognized once in a while.



How did all this happen? Of course, as for an experimenting Projector, this would never happen by my initiative – I have been invited to this adventure. I have been hosting Zen Dinner Nights for the last couple of years, and someone from the production of the international cooking show MasterChef contacted me. I was invited for an audition. Being a lazy being, I collected the leftovers from the Zen Dinner we had a night before, and went to the chaotic labyrinth of endless studios, shooting locations and offices, where I went through the lines of degustators, interviewers, psychologists and judges. Here you can see the part where I am bringing the meditation piece into the studio:



By the time I arrived to the final audition that was broadcasted on TV prime time, I was convinced that the participation in this show was too-much-for-me. The book-size contract, permanent stress-friendly environment, sleepless nights, conditioning of being in a competition … Do I really want this? For what? And still, part of me (the monkey mind) was on it, saying “Why not? It’s such a chance!”. Chance for what, Julia?

So, I was 50/50 about this adventure. The contract was signed without reading, and I let the flow take me. I burned the crackers that were a side dish for the salad (main course), I used black salt that most of the people hate even smelling, not to talk about tasting … And I behaved normally (I mean my kind of normal :)), and what had to happen, has happened …

I was lucky to be surrounded and supported by friends and family, who came from far away just to Be there, and to have fun of course 🙂 Especially my little nephew Marik, who became a big star in his 4th grade for his 5 seconds appearance, as half of his class saw the show that day.

And there I was – telling judges about Pranic Nourishment, Self Love and other New Age stories that those guys were not able to digest. Well, not really – two out of four were still positive, and the other two honestly said that they had a hard time to connect to my story and that the crackers are actually burned.



I was in heaven and I will explain why. Before the actual shooting day they called me to make an appointment for making a bio and story in my yurt. I was sure that this whole thing was pre-calculated and they are into choosing me before the actual audition. TV is one big scam – that’s what we all believe. They are looking for ‘special’ people – and I looked like the case for them. So, it was super delighted to find out that I was wrong. This, after all, was the real thing and the taste of food truly matters there, even though the audience cannot know what it is.

The world of media is so influential, we all know this. And all I can do – is to express Gratitude for the experience. So, enjoy the videos from this little circus moment of my life!

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