My Story of Juice Fasting with Cousens Family

Lately I rarely share news other then teaching or travelling. But this one truly was special event – so I am happy to share and spread the word about it. This story of going to the juice fasting retreat with Cousens family actually started around 8 years ago, when I was in the midst of nutritional experimentations. I became an owner of two fat big books “Spiritual Nutrition” and “Conscious Eating”. I was truly inspired by both books, finding them having great structure, broad variety of subjects and flexible point of view on many controversial topics. The recipes in the end of both books are very unique, and they are great point of reference for own experimentations and flights of fantasies in my kitchen.


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A few years ago, while travelling in California, I met a friend, who told a story of his volunteering in Dr. Cousens retreat back in Israel. I was quite surprised, I never heard about his work back home… So, after coming back to Israel, I, of course, all forgot about this story… Needless to say, I would never initiate my own participation, being a Projector in the experiment of Human Design 🙂 Yes, my Strategy is to wait for invitation. Believe it or not, all of the events happening in my life are somehow coming to me naturally without me initiating at all…


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So, 5 years later, a dear new friend told me that he is going to volunteer in the fasting retreat around spring time, and that there is a spot for me there. Right after teaching Living Your Design course in Minsk, Belarus, the next morning 6 am I flew straight to Israel, directly to the holiday village where fasting was taking place, and by the time I was landing the process has already started.


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First thing I saw was a cute cosy room, which I shared with two more girls, that will stay dear sisters forever, after all the experience we went through together. First thing I did was decorating the main hall, and then long sleep that lasted until next day 5 am.


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From then on every day looked more or less the same. As much as it is possible with all the never ending ‘transits’ may be possibly the same …


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All these days was a good balance of work, nature, silence, talking, exchanging, learning … And, fasting, of course! Fasting is the center of the event. Every one has their own story with fasting – some do it for 15 years annually, some were first-timers. Most people are coming with special requests, and most of us helpers were participating in the process to absorb the new approach and to have an actual experience. My body truly loves fasting. It never suffers – even waves of physical weakness feel comfortable and always bearable. For some people it’s pure torture, and they do it only for health benefits. Well, as one of the participants said: “I am a life-long collector of toxins”. This ‘one day’ comes and there is nothing, but taking care of the body comes as a part of the life’s plan…


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So, for a week I was surrounded by fresh organic fruits and vegetables – almost like living in the field where they grow all kinds of high frequencies – so nourishing and uplifting these treasures of nature are!!!


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My personal revelation – the veggie juice foam. I got so much into it, that I had a vision that one day there will be stations all over the planet, just like nowadays we have the once with beers, cigarettes and cocacola – soon they will be with natural juices and fruit-and veggie foams. These substances are full of co2, so they have a light psychedelic effect, and supposedly enrich the body with all necessary elements to make it happier then it is. Who’s buying the idea?! One day someone’s gonna become a millionaire, believe me …


krakova fasting juice gabriel cousens human design 6


Unfortunately, I didn’t really get the full teaching of Gabriel, even though through his books I definitely learned most of the wisdom. Because of helping with juices most of the time, attending the lectures and workshops was not possible. And here comes the main revelation of the story – it is not as important to learn these methods intellectually. What matters is an actual experience – being in the environment with co-interested people and doing same thing together totally re-balances the habits of the body and re-programs the cells . To live only on fresh juices and evening vegetable bouillons did a quite serious re-start for my physical body. Things that were clear from before (example: I knew, but was not so deeply aware of the quantity and quality of sugar that I consume through simple healthy products like packed vegan milks, dry organic fruits, homemade bread, some vegetables etc.) The only difference – is that before only mind was going like “it’s not good”, but the hand was anyway putting the unnecessary stuff into the mouth.


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This time, after leaving the retreat center, my body literally does not agree to insert almost nothing that has sugar in it. It reacts differently to all that has to do with any kind of sugar, not being able to enjoy it physically, as it used to do before the fast.

The same mechanism, by the way, works also in Human Design – we can truly touch our own nature and the endless unique beauty of it, when we live in the experiment with it for at least one cycle of 7 years. Yes, way to go…

So, I am leaving the process with deep gratitude to the organizers, leaders, participants and all of the supportive elements of this journey. Very much hoping to repeat it again and to continue to enjoy life through its vitality, joy and beauty.



P.S.  Oh, by the way, if you ever go to Dead Sea, as we did during the retreat, find Moshe there. He lives on the Mezuke Dargot beach and nourishes himself only from the sea plant that grows right there – on the beach. He calls it ‘Spirulina’, but I am not completely sure it is so. Othe thing for sure – he looks super healthy and about 20 years younger then his age. So we, being proper girls, had fun putting some of the algai on our faces 🙂 Pure Joy!


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3 Responses

  1. Jenny

    Thank you so much for sharing the story dear sister. I am happy that the blessed universe brought us together in this enlightening experience. Reading your words brought up so much memories! I can tell that I am so much more mindful to food after this fasting experience. And to discover the apple foam.. Magical

  2. Yulia Gluskin

    Such a great effect of not being attracted to sugar! I felt it too when I was fasting and also urge to a healthier food. And wow you made me want this foam thing :))

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