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There is nothing like Feeling the Other and Being the Other. I am discovering this new passion inside myself – being in a space that is radically different – energetically, emotionally, visually. This definitely creates new neuron connections and for sure upgrades some parts of DNA.

China gives more than imagination can create – and even though most of my story cannot be shared here, I’ll share some pictures and moods as I know you are probably interested if you got so far. I haven’t been much here in Facebook for over a month of being in Chinese deep nature with mountains, rivers and forests, scorpions and frogs, and few weeks of huge cities with endless human interaction (as I Humanly Design them).

Walking around with eyes wide open, as the insane architecture doesn’t let the eyes see the sky.

krakova human design mountains

krakova human design business city


Cannot skip stopping by the elders dancing under the bridge on a Friday evening. Eating falafel and discussing the world of dreams at 1 am with a 5 year old local girl. Singing the song of the ocean in yoga studio owned by a Chilean teacher. Having a glass of wine with a german lady who lives in Beijing for 40 years. Celebrating life at a 100-year old lady’s birthday party. Shopping in the mall that has no visible end in all 4 directions. Smelling street food as it’s too alive and too suspicious to eat. Having a private driver one day and then stuck in an overcrowded subway the other day. Discovering high end vegetarian restaurants and not being able to have enough of dollar-worth dumplings in the suburbs. Being an artsy-fartsy hipster freak in a 798 neighborhood one day, and an honored guest of a local oligarch the other day. Praying in Tibetan monasteries and touristing around the Great Wall. Squeezing my brains to feel and understand the Chinese way of thinking and relaxing with Israeli familia. Meeting a Russian blond on a white tiger and a Korean architect who conquers the world. Uffff so much so much incredible moments that the camera captures just few of those …

krakova human design business aura box

krakova human design love

krakova human design china lyd

krakova human design china food

krakova human design business nature

krakova human design business natural

krakova human design business humans

krakova human design china religion

krakova human design china relationships

krakova human design business food

krakova human design business child development

Being lost and being found. Being All and being Nothing. Grateful for this graceful choicelessness of Life. Breathing in • Breathing out. Again. And again ♥️

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