My Thyroid Quest

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I won it!! THYROID. Remember, dear friends? Almost 2 years ago I went for a blood test and was diagnosed with Hypo function and Hashimoto. Me?!!! With all my healthy lifestyle?! That was a shock which lead to a quest. I went out to investigate and experiment with all possible cures. After a year of trial and error the result was – nothing. Then there were threats from the conventional doctor (result of my mistake, telling him that his prescriptions went to garbage). Started with chemicals (eutirox). After few weeks stopped (realized it will make me a slave forever). Microdosed for a while. Stopped totally. Then went on with the quest. Then life took me on the road. I said fuckit, I got nothing much to loose. And that’s how I won. Many of you wrote a response on my post when I just started. I know many of you, or your beloved ones, still struggle with the issue of Thyroid. Some probably don’t know you have it. So I share my story of healing, and I hope it will inspire.
Healthy living, conscious approach to life. Why then did it happen to me? Big stress situation happened both to my body and my spirit. The result was almost immediate. After the first wave of shock (“I am not as perfect as my mind it telling me” ha-ha), the journey began. Will try to make it as short and to the point as possible. So:
~ Mindset. First year: “I am sick and I am healing”. Second year “I am healthy and I am maintaining my health”. A bit different, isn’t it? I am starting with that as to my perspective, this is the KEY element. I had to leave my home, and there was nothing I could do about it. HAD to find a way out. The only way – DECISION. Please don’t think I am too cool. It came out of choicelessness. Life gives, life takes. Life gives. I just decided I am healthy.
~ Humor. Honestly, I am not a freak of positivity. Seeing things as they are is my true hobby. And how are they? I have a thyroid issue, it makes me weak, it takes my energy, what’s funny about it? I am starting to find out what. It is a necessary part of a quest. There were moments when it took me to nearly psychedelic states. And I remembered to laugh at it. Life of body is hard, and then the soul is shining, it finds humor a strongest tool for healing!
~ Body. Thyroid has a direct connection to the gut. This is fact. So: re-vision of food and physical activity. Adding some and eliminating some IS the way. In my case the most scary thing was to include living beings in my diet. Almost 20 years pure vegetarian, not even eggs, years of veganism, raw, and even half year Prana. Most sources say meat is a necessity. I couldn’t go that psychologically, so encapsulated fish oil, and some kind of fish once a month, mostly socially, never at home – placebo effect at work. Don’t know how much more I am gonna do it. I feel naked writing it here. But what to do – it’s for You, it’s for us.
~ Gluten is thyroid enemy. Tests showed that my gut had no problem digesting gluten, but most sources state that it is a necessity to eliminate it. Bread is an official drug, that’s what I sincerely believe in. Sometimes taking drugs is ok. Sometimes is a key word. And only high quality. Want bread – do it yourself! In my case – on the road I could not make my own, and months in China helped to forget how bread looks and smells like. Starting point – not to touch it for at least a few months. Including all possible variations – pasta, pizza, any packed stuff.
~ Reading ingredients of what you are putting into your body. It kills precious time, but helps to get enlightened about what’s going inside the body. Sometimes that info may surprise you a lot. Many times, if you are persistent.
~ Detoxing and Nourishing. Have to be balanced. I have been a detox freak for years. Fasting, purifying, often obsessively. Today – relaxed, middle way, easy. Openness and measure are the wisdom that comes with experience. Still. Detox – main issue: parasites. Very few sources address this issue, but let me tell you – these creatures are eating us alive!!! So, bitter stuff + aspen extract every other month were my choice.
~ Soy everything. Enemy of Thyroid. Was one of the hardest for me. Today – cooking tofu for Beloved without any craving. Don’t care for it anymore. Habit is a matter of intent.
~ Nauli. A part of kriya yoga practice that I had fun with before the Thyroid journey, but never too seriously. Realizing that gut issue had to be addressed holistically, made it my daily practice (with breaks on moon days!) along with the rest of asana routine. Brings the relationship with body to a new level.
~ Treatments. First year I was having once-a-week acupuncture, and once in a while reflexology. Very beautiful healers, nice atmosphere, good reason to stop life for an hour and to be in the body – totally and fully. And then, again, the Road made it impossible. I would never have different healers every week. Had to quit. It was a no choice situation. Instead – self massage. Making Love to my own body while traveling through every part of it, making it alive, bringing attention, vibes, songs and conscious breath to this process. Noone can do it the way I do it. Actually, for this, I created Self-Massage Oil, which had a heating-cooling effect, and is super sensual.
~ Supplements. Something I never did before. My research took me to infinite lists. This is what I am keeping after a long trial and error process: Aloe Vera juice (30 mg shot every morning), Chaga mushroom (tea or extract), Black seed oil (on empty stomach), Transfer Factor (colostrum, immune system stuff), Zinc, Selenium, vitamins B and sometimes D, digestive enzymes, Betaine+Pepsin (only when eating too much proteins). I put all of them in a beautiful sexy box, so this doesn’t feel like I am taking pills. Very important element in this practice )))
~ Ancient herbalism (in form of Chaga, Aloe Vera, some detox and healing healing herbs) is important, but we are in 2019, so what I am using simultaneously with that is –
~ Technology. Bio-feedback little device. It has infinite programs, including Thyroid stimulation. Unfortunately I am not a person of fixed rythms, so I am using it only from time to time, and I cannot say that this works 100%, but I have invested quite a bit of my budget in this gadge and my mind loves it.
~ Education. I continue my research and find new ways for upgrading. Thyroid is a lifetime thing. Even when in remission. Especially for me, one born not far from Chernobyl. Seeing the issue as challenge and blessing it – is the key. Many of the ideas I received from the website thyroidpharmacist dot com. She is amazing, even though she sells big time. If you know to discern, you’ll find your truth there.
~ My most beloved Human Design System. Living MY LIFE and MY Design is the key for self healing. And these days I am going deeper with it – as I am finishing next deeper level of professional education, and sharing this knowledge officially. Health Design showed my unique way of nourishing myself, and this one is part of my job today, as I am offering Readings of the unique genetic code of Your Being. And going even deeper into my own. Living my Design, in this context, took away lots of resistance, as my way of nourishing myself is not socially adequate, so Human Design helped me to accept it and to respect my body on a new level.

Hope I didn’t miss out much. Please feel free to ask. My experience wants to be shared. It is for YOU. I love You!!!

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