Human Design Wisdom: Melancholy

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I received a message from a beautiful woman who had a reading with me. All is good, but not really. Having moments when “environment, circumstances, other people – everything can make me annoyed and grumpy .. I am learning to be positive, but having a challenge with it”. I am reading her story, and, I see the reflection within myself and many more… My response starts with the only question – who says we have to be positive all the time?!!! Positive is an opposite of negative. They are two sides. Both are polarities. In Human Design when we go deep into the experiment, we arrive to the same place of Zen – IT IS WHAT IT IS. And it’s not about bad or good. It’s just about how you react on your own reaction!!

We are conditioned to react in a certain way. Have you ever thought about this? So, when anger, frustration, grumpiness, annoyance, bitterness and many more of those are coming, we tend to want to get rid of them. We are influenced by some unknown powers to want to exclusively be happy, to smile and to stay on the positive side.

Life is a different story. It is ALL the stories. The states of darkness, melancholy, heaviness are as ok as peace&love.

Human Design prepares us for the times (after 2027) when such states are gonna be completely ‘normal’ collectively. It gives a very precise definition (oh I looove definitions!) of what MELANCHOLY is – it is a CHEMISTRY OF MUTATION. Basically, what it means, is that when you experience this darkness, something is happening in the body on the level of bio-chemistry, it is a process that has to go through certain stages, just as digestion. It is a “not knowing” that is slowly transforming into “knowing”. The mind is not the one to decide how much time it will take. And if you don’t digest it properly – it will become a vomit or constipation. That’s happening to us as the collective – we are given a pill (alcohol, drugs, gambling, other runaway methods), and as the result the process of melancholy doesn’t go through its natural stages, becoming a life-long depression.

So, how to go through the melancholy correctly, without letting the mind rule your decisions?
1. Never ever ask WHY questions. Remember – IT IS WHAT IT IS, and you ARE this flow. Acceptance – is a natural part of our genetic structure. Once melancholic mood has started, it has to go through all the stages. You are welcome to be an active or passive observer.
2. The state of Melancholy is very sensitive to acoustics. It is important to surround yourself with the sounds that you resonate with. It can be music that brings you even deeper into the void of darkness, or opposite, reminds that sunshine is possible. Music, voices, nature – all should sound correctly.
3. Do not socialize. Not at all. No long conversations. Trying to verbalize your state to the other and expecting to be understood and supported is a void and waste of your precious energy!! Feel like sharing – write, record speech or videos.
4. Here we are coming to the inevitable question – what to DO?! The answer is DO!!! Do art, craft, dance, do something to make your hands and body busy, and at the same time be in the flow of not knowing exactly what you are doing. This keeps your chemistry busy going through its own process, undisturbed by outer alchemies. May your activity be as useless as possible, never look for the result, just be present for the process itself. And keep in mind – most powerful pieces of art throughout history were created exactly in this deep state of melancholy.
5. Time – respect it. Body lives in one set of time. Mind – is totally other, much faster one. So while mind is running, let the body rest and go through its own thing.

It’s all good. Even when it’s bad. As they are One.
With Love for You

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