Human Design Conference 22-1-2020 in Israel

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Very surprising event – Human Design is totally growing! The Israeli Human Design Tribe!! Over 200 people gathered together to celebrate Rave New Year and a new 7 year cycle.

I say thank you for the experience of the conference that I participated in yesterday 22.1.2020 -on a Rave New Year day which is a natural cycle according to HD. It was exciting to see so many beloved hearts in one place, to experience the aura flow. I landed in Israel the day before the conference, after spending almost a year abroad.
The truth – when I’m outside Israel, I never miss the country with its crazy density and challenges. Until the moment of the meeting in the tribal aura. Oh my Israel tribe(s)!!!!! Nowhere like This!!!.. Our tribalism is part of the DNA and it makes us strong inside and outside. And when this is a tribe of individuals … beyond words … so yes my tribal part celebrated on the intercellular level!!
It was quite amazing for my ego to see how many people came through me into HD, and that they took it as a way of life, and also were at the conference.
And the process of preparation for the Projectors workshop with my beloved colleague Liav Nandin Yanni ahh… We enjoyed so much to facilitate it!! And actually, As the result of this process we are taking a step forward and creating a full 2-day workshop for the Projectors (in March).
And thank you to Dvir Itzhaki and Pavaka Katzir for the invitation and overall the organization of this significant project. It was very noticeable the frequency of love between and within each word-form-act.
I woke up today with a quiet mind and my body wanted to stay in a horizontal position all day – probably information received there has to be processed at the physical level. Or is it just the restart, which is the natural beginning of a new cycle?! ..💖

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