Why Did I Take 9 Living Your Design Courses

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Some time ago, I was sharing the story of my Human Design education, and I mentioned taking 9 times Living Your Design course. This fact has been received in a very emotional way and an explanation was requested. So here I am, sharing the story with you as well.

Before starting my official education in Human Design, I spent over 2 years surfing its waves online, on YouTube and other sources. Every speaker had been carrying its unique frequency, and many topics were presented in a very different, and not always coherent, way. Therefore, I decided that in order to get things ‘right’, I have to go to the very source.

I took my first LYD in the original to HD, English language, with one of the first students of Ra Uru Hu, Carol Zimmerman. It was a very classy, correct, neutral, structured and consisting mostly of the keynoting course. I took it in the extended, 2 month long, format, so there was enough time to digest the information slowly. Perfect course, but for me, personally, it was lacking some ‘meat’.

That’s how I decided to go for the opposite, and took a kind of LYD course by Russian not certified rebels. That was an absolute disaster. Lots of personal ideas and examples, very little structure and zero holistic understanding of the material. Nevertheless, lots of humor and fun vibes. Felt like the biggest effort they invested, was into the promotion rather than the essence, of the course. “Hmm, fun, but not quite it” – the thought was getting stronger and stronger, so I did not even finish it. At that point, I was already on my way to the official Rave ABC course, and I thought the LYD trip was over, but the truth is, we never know what’s waiting for us behind the corner…

Few months later, I got a present from a friend, now a dear colleague – she secretly sent me the course by a first generation student of Ra, Binah Repnin, which she took herself and generously shared it with me. In the beginning I thought of not even bothering to waste time on the information I already knew so well, but seeing lots of Binah’s material online, and enjoying and respecting her ideas, made me sit and listen. That LYD masterfully blended a deep understanding of the system with the profound examples and philosophies of Binah. The course was definitely a trip, and took me to the next level. Along the differentiation of the energies of Centers, she was weaving the multilayered correlation between them. She also had a workbook of the course. Students were advised to print it out and write there by hand, to train the brain in processing the material and creating some cool new synaptic neuron connections. This course felt like my truly first course. That is when I started to feel that I want to present the knowledge of Human Design, and to do it in the best possible way (and needless to say, I created my own LYD workbook by now!).

Believe it or not, a year or so later, I met someone online, and he, very generously, sent me another LYD course, absolutely for free. How could I resist?! This was as well the course by one of the first students of Ra, and this time a Manifestor (finally, a non-Generator, so I was celebrating!) Genoa Bliven. Just his voice made me listen to 3 lectures a day. Not talking about the unique structure and the beautiful slides (since then I put so much energy not only in what I am teaching, but also in how my presentations and workbooks look like!).

At that point I was finishing my LYD Guide studies, so as the part of the process, we were given the original recordings of Ra teaching this course, and of course, hearing him is a very different thing, especially after receiving so many perspectives on this material. Nothing was new to me, but receiving that information from the first source switched something on the vibrational level, if I can put it this way… I finally felt I am not listening and understanding – I am feeling it! Totally and completely. With my whole body and with every cell separately. That course was devoured a 2-day non-stop journey.

And guess what was next?! As you understand, it’s not normal to want to take more of that same course, especially after receiving its original version. But here we go. At that time I lived in Israel. A local organizer was bringing an LYD teacher from Russia, and was looking for someone to assist her, and to take photos and videos. In one of my past lives, I was a professional journalism photographer, and I still got all the technology that unfortunately mostly collects dust on the shelf. So here we go. Viktoria and I fell in love with each other, and I ended up helping her 3 other rounds, so 4 other LYD’s in total. It’s great to be present in live teaching, and to see how every course alters in its structure, starts with a different Center, and from different chapters, how in every course she brings new examples. And being a former business woman, she brought the elements from corporate culture and BG5 that, again, made my perspective even wider! It was never boring for me, even though every time Viktoria was making sure I am not bored.

There is no way I am saying that such a path should be done by everyone. As you’ve seen, most of these LYD’s happened through an invitation. And being not just a Projector, but a 3-motor, 1/3 and open Head & Ajna Projector with 16th gate in Personality Sun, I am all about being inspired all over the place, to investigate all of that, and after being emotionally clear, to study and to get skills and talents polished through repetition. And if You are looking for a place to start your journey or to expand what you already have – you know where to find me!

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