The Channeling of high dimensional Beings about Human Design (translation)

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Have you ever wondered what is Human Design from the perspective that’s beyond human? I came across this channeling and it felt like sharing it as this gives a super unique and valuable perspective. It was a video message in foreign language that I have translated. Please keep in mind that it is a long and complicated language, so be ready and please do not try to understand it mentally, but rather to feel it, its energy and what’s beyond. It can be helpful to read it out loud. It has all kinds of weird terminologies, and it is not that my translation is wrong, they (no idea who are those ‘they’) spoke this weird language, so after working on this text for over a week, here it is:

“What is Human Design (HD)? – HD is an information field that enables a human being to become aware and cognize himself, which makes it possible to regulate internal processes in the field interaction system and evaluate their form as a resource for processing and using information. When a human has knowledge of this tool, their consciousness begins to perceive the codes of the self differently, and consciously direct their processes, observing their being and doing.

HD expands consciousness and makes it possible to reveal more voluminous parameters of knowledge – primarily of the Self, since it contains systems that make it possible to navigate your consciousness and, therefore, your avatar (body) in this embodiment in the fields. Each human being who understands its foundation in this world perceives their self in a differentiated way and begins to apply more extensive forms of work and knowledge of their form, which makes it possible to better access to the resources.

But you need to understand that this tool is not suitable for everyone, it actively works on more conscious creatures, and although it was presented in the 3rd field (3rd dimension?), and the information will be provided more deeply and more resourcefully in the 4th asset and in the transition base will help to exit into more resourceful states . If you resonate with HD, then the soul has prescribed this form of a tool for knowing yourself, to produce a qualitative form of your consciousness and field, and thus go into a resource state and quality energies, and accordingly bring your awareness into better forms.

This is deep knowledge, coming from high planetary compositions and makes it possible to deeply know your essence, and the form of the information field of the HD is suitable for the format of this new time. You enter digital modules that work as a tool, and HD codes work as base parameters, and they will be supplied to us even more deeply, and this system will expand its fields of knowledge and be presented in various forms. This is not the last stage of the source of your calculation form, it will be further developed and present more active states so that you understand yourself even more deeply.

How will HD be developed? – Each time has its own tools. This system will be spread so that the human consciousness perceives itself, and this is not just an adult who perceives knowledge, but this is material for a form of interaction with the outside world and other forms. The tool will be disclosed for large quantities of humans, to use the tool for the youth, to your children, so that a person takes into account all the parameters of the forms and displays this basis in a better work on themselves and others.

Will HD be integrated into the educational systems? – Not exactly as pure HD system, but it will be recognized by almost every third, or even second consciousness in form, since it is an effective tool, and it actively works on consciousness in the field. And naturally, in more conscious families, children will immediately receive and apply their parameters. However, in educational forms there is no this tool as a form of work, but a very similar program will be introduced into the educational fund system in the future, which will carry a resourceful state, but it will not be this specific HD tool. It will be something else, based on both the digital HD module? As well as mandalas, light scales, sound healing, etc.

Why is this system integrated into our society? – In order for people to accept themselves as they are in this database of information fields and using their qualitative forms to manage codes, actively using them in the environment, and accordingly display different resource states, understanding why such processes are given. HD is an effective, active and resourceful tool for people. For the 3rd field, this system is perceived only by 29%, and in the 4th field it is already about 69%, but the numbers change as the fields are rearranged.

What kind of “Voice” did Ra Uru Hu transmit information from? – Since the program is relevant for the 4th field, higher fields of planetary composition took this active module as a tool for working with a material, and accordingly they put their attunements into use. Initially, this is the 7th field, which came out in the 3rd format in the form of knowledge and then the material was refined, giving deeper foundations, and now the forms that will be exchanged for the 4th field are still being finalized.

And who actually gave the knowledge? – Initially, civilization released its codes, its avatar, to bring people to a high level. These codes make it possible to concentrate on yourself and read your essence. A person begins to realize, expanding his parameters, by knowing his field and begins to actively use this tool in the form of work, that is, consciousness expands, and, accordingly, reaches a higher level. And each carrier of this system can show his information field.

Different civilizations manage your code, laying down information in you, and write you the tools for their work: who you are, what you are, why you are, and send you various forms from the information fields so that you can calculate these codes and determine your basis accordingly. Souls who choose this instrument of HD are the souls of planetary composition of the 7th and higher field, they begin to calculate information and apply it in their resourceful state. This is information with very high density, not like tarot cards or runes, which play a role only in the system of the 3rd format program. They are good for certain levels of consciousness. In HD, a deeper and higher level and only vibrational consciousnesses can calculate these parameters and accordingly bring this information into collective fields. Therefore, the planetary composition system has chosen information codes as the basis for calculating through numeric, digital modality, and it will be developed even more deeply, each figure will expand its parameters and signs even more deeply, which will be given to you in the future. You will be able to deepen knowledge through digital modules. However, the numbers still do not expand your consciousness and do not allow you to exist otherwise.

How to use HD to control consciousness? – Imagine that a person is integrated into the system of their knowledge. They know where is good and where is bad, where is the system of emotional flows and where is the resource module system. And the system allows you to know yourself at the maximum of your potential. Through a state of awareness and knowledge of the material of their code, each person will be able to control this code. The code that is connected to its carrier, gives its resource and its volumes, and that is the true control of consciousness.

About 2027 and the era of individuality – will this really happen? – Indeed, the era of gradation of systems is coming. We said that the fields of the 3rd and 4th format are being separated and this will be revealed more and more by 2027, while attunement is ongoing and communities are defined resourcefully. The basis of gradation systems – there are specters of consciousness and they are divided. In your society, you already feel the separation of those who work with low vibration (3rd module), those who are in transition, and already conscious beings who are ahead of others vibrationally. It is about the fact that the systems are entering a state of high-quality and low-quality forms. The third format is a system of destructive development and many people will come and stay there to work on these formats.

Why exactly the year 2027? – Each experiment has its own stage. Each information field has its own system. If we consider the time code system globally, if we talk about this code as a time base, then 2027 is the time when you will start to feel the oneness of the field. Right now you are in transition. Every 7 years, a reconfiguration occurs with its system address, that one is major.

What is a mutation of the emotional system and stop of the emotional wave? – Consciousness takes the 3rd or 4th asset, as well as its tools. Some go to fortune-tellers, and some to HD and similar deeper foundations. To each asset – its own world, it all depends on the form of consciousness, on the energy resource state of your information field. And each time code has its own instruments for quality existence in the field. Each time it works through its own energy, and accordingly it has its own program codes that lead you along. And in every period, tools that are used, enable you to exist qualitatively according to your vibrational field. The field of the 3rd low asset, respectively, takes the information of the lower code and processes it. And if you would “go” into the field of a better format, then you would take the appropriate tools. You are in the time where you are in the transition system. For souls 3 and 4, this will be a natural state. For others, it will be a better transition.
Emotional states are your energy, these are your fields. But here we want to repeat that your fundamental field is your vibrational field. How vibrational you are defines how you perceive the matrix. Nothing you can do without it. Vibration is the foundation. Many are already aware of these fields and are trying to reach a higher level. For example, if you say “I have no money”, then you have poor quality work in the matrix, destructive emotions. Raise vibrations, go to better forms, work on yourself, take knowledge, determine your form – you have a lot of forms and various tools that make it possible to raise vibrations. And the qualities of emotions are changing, because the fields work in different formats. 3rd field – to work out the destructive consciousness so that it grows. The 4th field is a natural process, it is creation, creation, a quality state of love, it is a format where you are an observer. There are no more nullifications that teach you how to live in this world.

Whatever you undertake – energy works for creation. Because the matrix is ​​so arranged in the fields. And since you are developing and taking tools of a higher quality level, respectively, you are more consciously approaching the state of life.

And if you have developed an emotion, you consciously understand what it is given for. You begin to feel it in yourself and understand, be aware of stories and find tasks that give you further development, and thus go into a better form. And in the 3rd field, consciousness does not work so much, this is the constant nullification of the form, because vibration does not allow energy to reach a higher quality consciousness. This is the difference – the observer is a state of “enlightenment”, to put it mildly, when you do not spend energy on energy forms in order to work out destructiveness. You spend energy to learn and build constructively. Therefore, there is a gradation system. HD gives a systematic knowledge of all aspects of human creation, in order for the human essence to develop, to study itself and its form, and there is a place to control consciousness.

Does HD replace Astrology? – These are completely different systems that are written out of different compositions. However, both systems have in common that they are the forms of knowledge and a resource in order to be aware of information fields.

Who are the children of the future “Raves”? – We have repeatedly said that new consciousnesses will come to Earth, mainly from the planetary compositions of a higher density. These will be higher vibrational beings, and their programs will be built in higher code systems – quick perception, quick awareness, quick reprogramming and other conditions that give activity in the form of work here on Earth. And indeed, in the new time, these forms will become truly active when space opens up. These are updated types of people who will have deeper states than the systems of your conscious beings that you observe in your foundations. Therefore, civilizations from higher fields will be their main curators. Their tasks will be the disclosure and expansion of the new fields, high-quality structural states in order to ensure the vital activity of the new code. It’s like now, 2-year-old children are better versed in technology than souls who have lived their whole lives in this field. This is the essence – that the format of consciousness is completely different. A different perception, a different worldview and attitude for each form of awareness. They will have a similar to humans avatar (body), but other eye color, skin, and the amount of memory that can accompany the new field, their cell membrane will operate more resourcefully. Their time system will have a more elongated form, in order to generate more energy for this consciousness, to bring out more fields, and accordingly their longevity will differ from what is in your time.

Question about the types of auras. Do they really exist? – Of course, you are very different in the field. HD allows to know yourself in this format. An aura can be known as a color field, or as a carrier of vibrations, here the form depends on kind of civilization that is guiding you, on what monadic link is connected to what planetary composition, which levels the soul has accumulated in the system of reincarnation segments, what avatar you have and how much it provides for life support, and how do you clog yourself or how do you accompany yourself in a quality field. All these parameters have a basis. And initially, everyone has their own information field, and it is laid down according to the code system that you came with, and that is your date of birth. This foundation gives you the opportunity to qualitatively pass this matrix. You are digital modules. And so are we. Everything is digitized in this world, the only difference is that the numbers can be calculated in different ways.However, the system is one, only the ways of explaining it are different. It all depends on your awareness, which tool you resonate with and which one you use for yourself.

What is inner authority and life from the body? – This is management of the awareness. Having received information about yourself, you know your strengths and weaknesses, and if you are a conscious being, you will transform energy in such a way, that you’ll be able to fulfill a certain range of tasks – this is awareness management, a conscious approach. Some go so deep into their emotions and actively live them – these are unconscious beings at a lower vibration, and some understand the situation and perceive the code and the carrier of the system, and begin to work and therefore to expand consciousness. Inner authority is the tool that allows you to extract the maximum of your quality form at the base, and it is based on differentiated knowledge of yourself.

What if there is no exact time of birth for creating the BodyGraph? – You have linear time, so birth is fixed by the time code that corresponds to the time of birth and is recorded in your document. In space, in the system module, the system of vibrations of the human segment and exit to the Earth is fixed by the moment when the system took the first breath, then all the programs are being activated.

Modern avatar (body) – why 9, not 7 centers? – The field of the human structure has 7 centers, but at the same time you work based on structural energy, which is transmitted through the absolute. It is the absolute energy at the base of your existence, and certain civilization leads you and the substances are being released. You came to Earth and, accordingly, you are earthly beings. Therefore, these codes of the etheric state of the field as the centers carriers, are the main ones for your entry, and they are taken into account in the registry of parameters as additional resources of your existence, because without them it is not complete. We consider the avatar as a separate code, and you consider the field where the avatar works – therefore this tool shows 9 centers.

Is it possible to correlate 9 and 7 center systems? – Root – 1st field, Sacral – 4th, Solar Plexus – 6th, Spleen – 3rd, Heart – 2nd, Ji – 1st and 4th, Throat – 5th, Ajna – 6th and 7th, Head – 6th and 7th. HD was created by the 7th planetary level in the 3rd carrier, and accordingly, it was executed under this base of the time system and those are the avatars that worked in this time code.

Dietary regimen and sleep in your aura, how important are these aspects? – These are indeed the most important parameters for restoring the energy and they are the main energy resource, keeping your energy ether field clean and comfortable. When your field works actively, other forms of creation are connected accordingly and an exchange takes place. Also, nutrition – your physical and emotional states depend on it. And yes, there are subtleties of membrane systems that require an additional resource, but if you consider the information field as a tool and apply exactly those forms to the tasks, that is, there are still a lot of factors that affect the resource. HD is a system of knowledge of your material plane, it is about your essence. Each plant and animal have codes and a systems of code carriers, and those do carry the information fields of the basics, and this is also digital knowledge.

There are people who create their systems based on HD, what can you say on this subject? – Lots of various forms and systems will appear, because each consciousness that goes into new high forms, makes it possible to become aware of the material deeper and deeper. Soon, even deeper forms will come out from the basis of this foundation (HD), so each time dimension will have its own foundations. There will be a lot of programs, especially in the 4th matrix, which will give layers to developing your consciousness through various tools. It should be borne in mind that HD is a system of form, and it will be the foundation. Having studied it, you will understand others. Therefore, HD is the main layer of the information code, which carries the basis for knowing oneself in the first place, and also the regulation of the processes of one’s state of consciousness with the outside world. Having studied it, you can take other tools and further develop your fields with them.

What is a ‘response’? The response as a state of the system of energy carriers (human bodies), and it is different for each person. When there is a realization that consciousness responds to certain forms, and you clearly follow this energy, and you understand the essence of the foundation, then the system gives its indicators in the form of a response. If the system begins to resist, then, accordingly, the state of the system has no basis and no tool in this field of work. Therefore, listen to yourself, and when the system begins to move in space according to a specific code, it means that there are tasks present for you in this.

How to feel the response? – If you are a vibrational creature, then in the 3rd field you work out emotionally when the consciousness dangles back and forth and it is not possible to determine the system of your codes. When you receive information and become a conscious being, you immediately need to move in it in the flow. The state of awareness will immediately tell you whether it is “mine” or “not mine”, sensations, feelings, assets, visibility, observation – all of this is the state of the external carrier of the world. You understand that “like” or “dislike” is also a response, right?. Therefore, know yourself and your assets. And you can only know yourself when you have accumulated forms of energy and you direct this energy into yourself. If you constantly dissipate your energy, if you constantly distribute holograms everywhere, or output energy flows in your voice, then you won’t be able to create naturally accumulated energy. We are working to ensure that the accumulation of energy in human form is the basis. When information arrives – right there to give an answer, that is, to work cyclically in a flow without working through the material in the 3rd format (mental). When the system is dispersed, it cannot concentrate on itself.

Therefore, it is very important to engage in yourself at this point in time, that is how you will understand yourself. Your understanding is your foundation. In order to understand yourself, your consciousness must be analytically working, because you work through the forms and through the packages of information, and at this basis you get all the material that comes to you. And this is possible only in the energy resource state, which allows you to exist efficiently and efficiently. Therefore, everything is interconnected – the body, consciousness, your energetic and etheric state of the field. Accordingly, you can control consciousness and clearly apply these forms and calculate your codes and incoming energy and be aware of yourself in this world in a differentiated way. Everything is up to you!”

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