Aloneness vs Loneliness in Human Design

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The world is changing rapidly, and the theme of Aloneness, especially in the last several months due to the global quarantine, is becoming big. We must strongly discern between Aloneness and Loneliness, and it’s important to know and feel the difference.Loneliness is needing someone.

Aloneness – is contentment with the state for being alone. Lately, in the Readings I give, I hear more and more about the need of being alone. Let’s look at it from the Human Design perspective. There are many places in the BodyGraph that are pointing at Aloneness, and they are letting us know that it’s totally ok to strive to be alone, as well as differentiating kinds and types of Aloneness.

First of all, we have very direct places of Aloneness in the Bodygraph, three gates, 12,40,33. Although they all share the same theme, it unfolds in a different frequency.

12 is the gate of Cautious, and although it is individual, it’s about the collective – knowing when to keep the mouth shut (it’s in a Throat Center), and knowing when and how to be articulate. Its cautiousness is rooted in moods and their change, and this gate is often referred to as “the gate of meditation”, standstill, inaction. Its first line is The Monk, but the paradox is that its withdrawal can only be maintained with communal support.

Gate 40 is called Aloneness, and it’s quite a tricky one… When it meets its tribe, there is readiness to give itself away, and to forget that in order to give and bring the will power (Heart Center), one needs alone time to renew and integrate. When one has this gate, they often tend to forget or misunderstand the importance of being alone.

Gate 33 is the gate of Retreat, it is in the Throat Center voice that says “I Remember”. And in order to remember it needs to retreat and digest all the stories and experiences it collected. The need of privacy is crucial for those who carry 33, and not always it is embodied, and therefore, lived correctly. But you can look for example at Osho’s bio: he took long retreats, and afterwards he was coming out to his disciples with his influencing insights and stories.

Beyond gates, we have many other places that can be a reason for the desire to be alone. Many open Solar Plexus beings who are aware of the conditioning of the emotional waves, enjoy aloneness as the means of survival from the oceans of other people’s emotions. For them, stepping out of others’ auras brings a state of neutrality, where they can meet themselves without the interference of the alien emotional chemistry.Lots of openness, generally, is a great reason for wanting to be alone. I myself, having 6 open centers, started to want to be more and more alone, using this state as a tool for knowing myself better. Those who carry the aura of Reflectors, often state that even though they enjoy people so much, the most powerful moments in life happen when they choose conscious aloneness.

On the other hand there are those with defined Head & Ajna, who love to be alone as a tool that helps them to hear their inner truth. Being too much on the outside doesn’t let them hear themselves so much.We have those who carry Individual channels, and for them aloneness is the space of empowering themselves by their own being. They may feel melancholic, and in order to cope with that, they naturally estrange themselves from socializing, and thus, arrive to their inner light naturally and with no resistance from their own mind and homogenized ideas of others, who try to rationalize why they’re like this, and what to do about it. Just leave individuals alone, they will thank you for that!!!Talking about circuitries, the less tribal definition you have, the more you tend to enjoy your own company.

Talking about the Type can be too general when discussing Aloneness, so I’ll just mention that the key note for Manifestors is Peace. For them being left alone is bliss and blessing, of course, when the mind is not feeding them with its endless bla-bla. Projectors love being around others, and often underestimate aloneness as a tool for gaining mastery and knowledge, that will help them to be seen and get correct invitations. Reflectors are much more into humanity than humans, but often, fascinated by it, over-socialize. Or on the opposite, hide in their shells without knowing their balance. And Generators are so diverse in their variety, that I’d rather not generalize here, as the only thing they can do, in order to know their harmony of aloneness vs socializing, is to respond from the Sacral.

We also have Left (LA) and Right Angle (RA) people, and here we understand that if you are RA, there is more need for you to dive into your own process rather than to share it with others. RA life is about living and exploring life as it is. They are here for Personal karma, and interested in themselves. The LA people are Trans-personal, they are into communicating life to the other, bringing propaganda and zigzagging all over the fractal lines. You can think of RA as those who experience the story, and LA as those who make a video of those experiencing the story, and of course they want everyone to see, love and accept that video!

And last, but not the least, that comes to my mind, is the level of the Line. We know the 2nd Line is called the Hermit, and it’s all about the narrow internalized path projected outwards. And yes, you may first think about the Profile, but think wider, it’s also about the number of 2nd Lines in the design holistically. In my design 2 is the most popular Line, and even though it is not in my profile, there is a deep resonance with it in my whole nature.And special attention, while talking about Lines, I would give to the 2nd Line in the Nodes. If you have it there, you are into “Leave me alone!” a lot, you are quite an asocial being, and your inner hermit, when understanding and loving itself, is ready to surprise the world with its inner call when ready. And then run back to it’s cave 🙂

Well, we actually can add that all the Profiles who belong to the lower trigram are way more into looking inward and enjoying their inner process and being self-absorbed rather than needing allies and being dependent on others.And needless to say that collectively we are moving from the Cross of Planning to the Cross of Sleeping Phoenix, where the individual is substituting the tribal, and the underlying frequency of needing to get together and to support each other is mutating into a self-absorbed need for Aloneness.

So here I went through the basics of Human Design knowledge that can inspire you to understand, accept, and love your Aloneness even deeper than you already do. If you have more ideas, please add, it’s beautiful to enrich and support each other.

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2 Responses

  1. Jennifer

    Hi Julia,

    Thank you for writing this post!
    I was reading the Human Design book when I realized that I have all three gates of aloneness. I also am a Manifestor with a 6/2 profile (left cross tho).

    I started a bit to panic, for although I like spending time alone, I was afraid it would mean that loneliness would be a destined path in my life…

    I like having strong relationships and connections with other people, so your article helped a lot to set me at ease again.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. Julia

    Thank You Jennifer for taking your time and writing the response. It is very inspiring and heart warming to know the hours of research and putting it together contributed to your process. This is indeed fascinating how this system helps us see life as it is and not as we want it to be!

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