Good Bye Riga – Hello Paris

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Our last days in Riga are truly amazing. Such a Blessing to be surrounded by Co-Creating Awareness Family looking into the eyes of each other and recognising infinite myself in a similar polarity but all different in this Oneness … … Continued

Welcoming Riga

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Very simple and homy feeling of landing in Riga. Actually it feels home even before the landing, while skies are opening a puffy fluffy clound that are welcoming to the childhoods ААА ОБЛАКАААА … белогривые лошаадки 🙂     Last … Continued

The Journey Begins

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So, here is me, sitting in a tiny room somewhere in the middle of Istanbul, deciding to create this blog in order to mirror bits of my Life… This is the moment. Everything that was meaningful, fulfilling and “real” went through … Continued

Aromatherapy as the Way of Life – Story

I love smell, smelling and everything that has to do with scents and aromas. Sharing this love is bliss – and sharing this in the context of this workshop was more of a bliss than work. I didn’t expect that … Continued

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