Sacred Medicine Retreat: Krakova in Krakow

I am on tour with Herbert Quinteros who invited me to be a part of his European and Baltic tour. This is the beauty of the modern globalization where we dance and share our gifts with each other and the world! … Continued

Gara Vasara Journey ~ the Blissful Being. Latvia 2016

Finally I am creating a moment to sit and share about my favorite festival in the World. This baby of Bhavani and Juris truly is one of the purest events ever, and it changed my life ForEver, when I went … Continued

My PassOver 2016

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  I still can’t believe I did it. A Passover Ceremony (Layla Seder). Fortunately enough it was a very free-of-dogmas easy style, not a full traditional Agada reading, beautiful company and place but still…   Over a decade ago I … Continued

Welcoming Riga

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Very simple and homy feeling of landing in Riga. Actually it feels home even before the landing, while skies are opening a puffy fluffy clound that are welcoming to the childhoods ААА ОБЛАКАААА … белогривые лошаадки 🙂     Last … Continued

The Journey Begins

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So, here is me, sitting in a tiny room somewhere in the middle of Istanbul, deciding to create this blog in order to mirror bits of my Life… This is the moment. Everything that was meaningful, fulfilling and “real” went through … Continued